Never mess with aunties

Penny said the most precious thing – NEVER MESS WITH AUNTIES.

Take heed, guys. Serious.

She blogged about the serial rapist and killer Beh Soon Hock. You can read the full story from her site.

But frankly speaking, that guy is rather handsome and has the most charming smile. I don’t see any humsup-ness (lusty) on his face. He looks like one TVB actor.

Aunties should write like this:

Neva mess wittaunties

penny said tha most preshizzous thing – neva mess wittaunties.

takes heed, guys . Bow wow wow yippee yo yipee yay. serious.

she blogged `bout tha serial rapist n bitch beh soon hock n shit. you can read tha fizzay story fizzy her site.

but frankly sippin’ that homey is motherfucka handsome n has tha mizzle charm’n smile n shit. i dont see any humsup-ness (lusty) on his fizzy with the gangsta shit that keeps ya hangin. he looks like one tvb actor fo shizzle.

Heh, got that from Gizoogle

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  1. Most rapists are your ordinary guy next door and the victims are usually very innocent , non provocative people. *shudders*.

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