No net, no life?

Apparently, the net is down, partially. But my site is working. So is Google. Yahoo IM working. MSN not. And no Petaling Street Project and all the other sites like bloggers. *sigh*

Gee, not sure what I am writing. But it is damn boring when there is no internet. Ever wonder what will happen if the whole world communication lines are cut off? Horrors! However, how does that affect me? I have no Swiss accounts which I need to access. I have no international business. It doesn’t matter then, I suppose.

11 thoughts on “No net, no life?

  1. Mr Kiasu – It is the international line. Those websites hosted internationally has the problem. Mine is local. Whoopee!

    pompit – Everyone comes to me! ‘Cos Blogspot was down.

    babe – My hubby also came back grumbling ‘cos his company server is in UK.

    ZeO – Read my blog, don’t go to sleeeppp!!! Just joking.

  2. Ya, I think is international link problem again. If your site visitors are in oversea, they probably cannot access your site too.

  3. Yikes very bad. Couldn’t enter Yahoo, check my mail and even my blog until a moment ago. Wonder what happened. Cyber terror or mass hacking into important world servers? PPS also affected anyone with any ideas whats up?

  4. I can’t imagine the whole without internet access. That would be a major disaster waiting to happen..! everyone will be going bonkers..!!

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