Women drivers drive u crazy

Yes, they do. Never mind if 50% of the world population are going to flame me for that.

1) They think the whole world know they are going to make a turn
2) They do not know cars have signal lights
3) They will wait at busy junctions till the ants finished crossing the road before they dare to turn out
4) They think being courteous is saintly (like giving way and braking for assh*les drivers to cut in)
5) They think everyone is as free as them
6) They assume everyone’s purpose in life is to fetch children from schools
7) They don’t know maths. If one kid take two f*cking minutes to walk to their mom’s car, it takes hours for a whole blardy 1,000+ students from a school to get on their moms’ cars and therefore, cause millions of minutes to clear.

Some pointers for women driver (applicable only to Penang island, ok?)

1) If you keep inching onto a busy main road, there is bound to be some chicken shite driver who will stop for you to turn out;
2) If you keep waiting, you are bound to find a driver like me who is going to blare the airhorns
3) If you panicked upon hearing the horns and suddenly rush out onto the busy road and got yourself knocked; it is not my fault
4) The only guide you need when driving is ‘if you don’t hear a sound, probably it is safe’
5) The left lane of a road is meant for slow tortoise like you. Stick to it!
6) Never listen to Teresa Teng while driving!

Phew…..I should never get out of the house. You are going to see me in the papers for road rage one day. This is the 2nd time I write about driving (1st time here).

**Note : The term ‘women drivers’ does not necessary mean the gender. There are plenty of male drivers who fall into this category too, alright?**

16 thoughts on “Women drivers drive u crazy

  1. Whoa Lilian, u really tension here…anyway, i always thought that if you can survive driving in Penang, you can drive anywhere in Malaysia with no problem at all. And another thing is, when in Penang, drives like a Penangites (especially those with WXX plate number).

  2. oi! men don’t go under ‘women drivers’. there are bad men drivers and good men drivers,
    but only women can drive so ‘good’ to be classed as ‘women’ drivers 😛

    *moves head aside to elak flying high heel shoe*

  3. Wah…no net, no traffic.

    8555 – Pls tell your master I want to drive a new Mini Minor. So coool man…

    yuin – *piakkk* kena wooden clogs Hahaha.

    moneyminded – I lived next door to two schools, you see. And one of them is a Chinese school. I am very racist LOL! The Chinese moms seem to crowd around schools more than other races, not sure why. The same with my kids Sekolah Kebangsaan.

  4. everyone on penang blares their horn over an ant crossing the road. I’ve gotten imune to the horn. you can horn me all I want, i just wont hear it anymore.

    People in penang dont use signal lights, regardless of gender. Some people just dont get the use of signal light. i signal to turn right, and some people still overtakes me from the right, and when there is a near miss, i get cursed.

    driving in penang sucks big time

  5. fuiyoh i really beh tahan those cowards.like wanna turn or duwan to turn.

    my god.if ur a coward,then dont drive lah!

    take some guts to drive in penang man.

  6. Rb – Yalor, si beh kay boh. My hubby sure HONK and some terkejut and terus jalan, even when it is not the right time. *haih*

    NeeSheen – Yay! I got someone to back me up! Penang is really different from other place.

  7. Your brain got fried issit? You want me to get fried ah? Women driver good enuff la. kehkehkeh, actually, I censored some words but then, i ter-delete it. NVM, I heard you enough liao.

  8. wha?! for a moment there i thought my status of the only car blogger on the net went up in smoke, only to discover it was a blogger about cars that wrote that comment. heheheh.

    say hi to your green satria for me Paul.

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