Conversation with an 8 yrs old about terrorism

The kid has listened to Black-Eyed Pea’s song, “Where is the love?” and can even sing it. The part where they rapped the word ‘terrorism’ again and again is imitated by him. But he never really get the full impact of it. They are just mere words.

what’s wrong with the world mamma

people livin’ like they-ain’t got no mammas

I think the whole world’s addicted to the drama

only attracted to things that’ll bring the trauma

overseas yeah we’re trying stop terrorism

but we still got terrorist here livin

In the U.S.A the big C.I.A

(full lyrics here)

So, mom and kid had a conversation on terrorism with references made to 911 and the bombings in London.

Son : Why they want to simply kill?
Mom : Because they are very angry.

Son : But they are stupid right? Why they also get themselves killed? (references to suicide bombers)
Mom : Because they have too much anger. Probably, when they were small, their mommies and daddies were killed by others. Probably, they lived a very hard life and they see their own country being destroyed?

Mom : So, that’s why I told you. When someone pick a fight with you, you fight back and he fight back and you fight back. There will be no end to the fighting until one person get injured. This is what happened.

End of conversation.


Points to keep in mind:
1) Never bring God into the matter.
2) Never blame religion
because these are all due to one party hurting another and retaliation continues.

5 thoughts on “Conversation with an 8 yrs old about terrorism

  1. yalor. u pinch me i pinch u back u pinch me back i pinch u back u pull my hair i pull your hair back…

    when can end …

  2. Some people are only aware of, or largely aware of, impulses toward anger, because they have inhibited those natural impulses toward love that would otherwise temper what seemed to be aggressive impulses.

    Hate creates destruction on earth and until the lessons are learned, destruction follows destruction… In the terms of other systems, that kind of destruction does not exist – but you believe that it does, and the agonies of dying are sorely felt. It is not that you must be taught not to destroy, for destruction does not actually exist. It is that you must be trained to create responsibly.

    The weapons of destruction are the obvious things that you see. The counterparts are not so evident, and yet it is the counterparts that are important: the self-discipline learned, the control, the compassion that is finally aroused, and that final and last lesson – the positive desire for creativity and love over destruction and hatred. When this is learned, the cycle is finished.

  3. multimid – I wish I can comprehend what you have just written. But I can’t!

    Joe – That will need maturity and yes, I do tell my kids that. You can’t hit back ALL the time. Life is like that, isn’t it? If you let it pass, it will probably end there.

    simyin – Agree with you.

    JxT – Just like I flame you, you flame me, I blog you, you re-blog me….You get the gist.. LOL!

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