Shopping List – PSP (any owner’s tips?)


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While window shopping, one of my kid has got a hang of the Playstation Portable or PSP. Luckily we only bring one guy there or else the whole bunch will probably put on their puppies’ eyes and conned us into buying. That is what happened when you have that many kids. You start dividing the cost of the item into four and you will say, “Hey, for RM300, it is cheap!” LOL!

The opening price is RM1,200 with one game. The guy at the shop mentioned that we can buy one memory stick and download the rest of the games.

I had checked Dr. Liew’s blog but can’t find if he has written a review about this. Usually, you can find almost anything from his site. Like lin kok to cumi dan ciki to toilets. (lin kok – papi google, cumi dan ciki – simon yang google) Remember, what you can’t find, just go search Dr Liew’s blog.

Back to topic. Anyone has any feedback about this PSP? Will appreciate to hear from users in Malaysia. Want to equip myself with debate points before being bombarded by ‘Mommy, I want to buy PSP, Mommy when you want to buy PSP, Mommy let’s go buy PSP….’

*sigh* We have a Gameboy Advance but now they are gathering dust. PS2 is also almost passe. BTW, The Fantastic Four game is cool on PS2. That’s what my kid told me.

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  1. oi oi whose blog dedicated to me har ???? who who ??? soli lar i dem sien bcoz i ngar tung la … kakak sajer mau find ppl come flame me KAKAKAKA

  2. can’t say i know whether got such thing as pirated PSP games, but 1200 does sound okay, compared to 1300 to 1500 I might have to pay for it (no game summore that).

    In any case, stick to a PS2. cheaper, more games. It’s a debate about whether you want it to be carried around with you all the time. Or have the kids stuck at home on the telly at all time. Otherwise, there’s not much difference between the two save for the format the games come in. Or the fact that the games on the PSP are a little lacking, compared to the established console.

    Or, we could just wait for the PS3 next year…

  3. I own a PSP… let me cover you on a few basics.

    Downloading games onto your memory stick has not been practiced yet… games have not been released yet for this format… so basically, while the shopkeeper may be right theoretically, he’s lying to pitch a sale.

    Second of all, there are no pirated games for psp, so, you will have to fork out RM 190-220 for each original game you wish to purchase.

    Moving on, the PSP is an awesome device, it play’s music, you may watch video’s on it, and best of all, future firmware upgrades are free.

    Currently.. people are working hard on cracking the UMD [the disc’s which the psp reads to play games etc] and well they’ve succeeded.. give it a few more months for your full-game downloads.

    There are 2 versions of the PSP, Japanese, and the American version… the price quoted by the vendor, if for the japanese psp, is highly over the limit. You may request the vendor to find out if the psp is japanese or the American one…pretend to not know how to check, once he tells you what kind, look for a bar code sticker on the bottom of the psp… if the final digits read 1000 or 1000K that’s the japanese, and 1001 or 1001K would be the American.

    The K indicates value pack, but value packs are all sold out. The selling price for the Japanese PSP would be around 750 and ranging around there. Naturally, with the game RM 190… or less you do the math.

    The American version sells for RM 1200, but then since he is offering a game, this can’t be the american version =).

    Any questions?

  4. The PSP is a lovely product, but it’s a little fragile. The screen is lovely, but it’s exposed nature makes it very scratch-happy. The games are usually targeted to the older gamers. 15 and above usually, I’d say. The games have a more mature aesthetic, some have violence of some sort. It’s main demographic has never been the kiddies. I’ve seen prices range from RM700 (in langkawi) to RM 1200 (in KL). Both are the value packs including 2 games. There are 3 versions of the PSP out now, the Japanese release, the American release and the South East Asian release. From what i’ve seen, the difference is the price. Cheapest being the Japanese and most expensive being the American.

    I’d watch out for a few, though. A number of the units in the first batch that came out had manufacturing problems, most prominent of all being dead pixels on the screen, dodgy disc loading mechanism and a stuck face button.

    Games-wise, pirated PSP games aren’t available as yet, and I doubt they will be soon because Sony is holding tight to the technology involved in producing UMDs( the format of the PSP games) But there are hacks available for you to download games directly into the memory stick.

    It all depends on the age of your child, I guess. I have one and its spiffy but the construction is a little shabby. It has a kind of cheap feel to it. It’s one of those products that looks better than it feels. The buttons are clicky in a bad way and that screen, while beautiful to behold makes me paranoid all the time for fear of scratches.

    If your child is younger, might I suggest the Nintendo DS? I have one of those too and most of my family is addicted to it,from my mother(47) to my cousins (4-10) . It’s heaps of good clean fun and it plays Gameboy Advance games as well. It’s solid and tough and the clamshell design means less chance of scratches on the 2 screens. Has fun games and the interface is incredibly creative (you have to blow and shout into the mic for some games) It runs from RM699 to RM850 depending on where you ask and usually comes with 2 games.

    It’s a little long winded, i’m sorry, but I hope this helps. feel free to ask more.

  5. Hey.. Lilian,
    I won’t comment. .since you only wanna hear it from the malaysian bloggers.. *sob, sob*.. hahhaah!!

  6. i suggest getting the Nintendo DS, it’s a better choice. PSP is not designed intended for kids anyways. And the pirated game is just blatant lie from the shopkeeper, the only pirated game it can run is some very old gameboy games, in very slow and soundless mode. And to run those, you need to learn lots of tricks and hacks, to replace the firmware, and sometimes even have to do forcefully eject your memory card during startup and swap in another one loaded with pirated game to play, and again, just to play those slow-motion and soundless gameboy game. All these are not like your shop modified PS2 that you can play your pirated game dvd on it directly so easy. You have to do all the modify and change it yourself.

    If your boys can wait, i further suggest wait for a few months, and get the xbox360 which will then released this christmas. It’s a little more expensive, but it’s a console, just like PS2. It’s the next generation game machine, which will last and entertain your boys for quite a long time compared to PSP.

  7. Oh wow, wonderful. So many inputs. Now I know what to do. Say NO.

    Andy – Kids. They get tired of things fast. I still have working PS1, Dreamcast, GBA at home. Guess musn’t spoil them so much. Tks for the info. Noted.

    Mrs T – Hahaha, I think Mr T must own one, eh? Actually, the things here in Malaysia are differently assembled and that’s why I said Malaysia.

    kiasi – Dun. Study better.

    fishball – Langkawi got cheaper ah? Must go Langkawi soon. I did not know they have things like these? I thot only chocolate, alchohol and cigs.

    sorcy – Wah, pening pening. Got so many version. I think I will forget it.

    Keen – For you it is ok, can reward yourself with the thing. But with my kids, I am afraid they are going to break it.

  8. well, seems like all people said my lines. my advice is skip PSP now. wait until MODed PSPs and pirated PSP games surface in the market, then only decide.

  9. I easily get addicted to PSP games and i am always updated with the newest PSP games in town.~~,

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