WTF!?!? Eyebrow embroidery?

I just came back from shopping. Sure is nice to just buy everything and charge it to the atm. And I don’t have to work my arse off to pay for them. LOL! So, go get married girls.

Penang has only ONE decent shopping mall. This is where you can find Versace boutiques along with Reject Shop. That is to say they cater for the very few rich and famous from Penang, Ah Lians plus boring Ah Sahms like me.

Every smart women will know how to stay far, far away if there is any promotional booth for slimming centres, facial care, beauty salons around. As far as can be so that those tactless, airhead promoters do not claw you to listen to their broken Yingrish. Like, “Auntie ah, aiyooo your face hor got so many blackspots eh, your tummy hor veli big leh, your arms leh so fat orh, got saylulite, saggy bleasts yadda yadda yadda.

So, I see from afar. And never got to read the fine prints. Can anyone tell me WTF is eyebrow embroidery? I saw so many Ah Sohs hanging around, looking so keen?

I guess it is those women who have gone for eyebrow tattoos and gone bald instead. You know? The two spots above their eyes which God meant to give them eyebrows but they gatal punggung go and tattoo them off? And now, it looks like chicken bottom or bishop’s nose? So, they need to INSTALL back the hairs?

Embroidery to me is to stitch colourful threads with needles into cloths. Then, how are they going to embroider human flesh?

What’s with me huh? I seems to have an issue with women wanting to look good? Maybe I am being sourgrape ‘cos whilst other Ah Sahms are sitting at nailbairs in their lime green and fuschia pink lacy dresses, I am chasing my toddler in my Giordano crew neck t-shirt and jeans.

*haih* Women – you can never understand them.

10 thoughts on “WTF!?!? Eyebrow embroidery?

  1. Wah ha ha .. “gatal punggung”..wah ha ha .. so funny .. like “gatai jubog” … ha ha ha .. sorry .. can’t help laughing ..

  2. I went googling for a bit at and it says it is semi permenant eyeliner tattoos!!Apparently, they paint in individual hairs one by one so that it blends into the existing eyebrow. Lasts about a year or so. Nothing to do with thread or needles …. @##@&*??? Wahhhhhh .. like dat oso got???

  3. Alamak, paint strand by strand? Tu lah, apa Tuhan bagi, pakai sajalah. Gatai jubog pi tattoo/laser bagi bulu-bulu tu hilang, now kena double tattoo pulak. LOL! Tapikan, bisness bagui tau? Berkerumun mak nyah semua kat situ. LOL! I am going to throw with rotten eggs soon.

  4. ya….women go to great length for the sake of beauty. LoL
    have u heard of eyelash extentions?? yup…they have those too….not sure of the process but they sorta plant longer lashes on your eyelids.

  5. Wow..!! this is something new.. lilian.. ! so advanced eh..?? eyebrow embroidery.. !! go find out .. and tell me what it is ok.. 🙂

  6. Fashionasia – Really, women really spend a lot of money. Each time got Parkson Grand sale, aiyohh…they buy like no tomorrow. I envy them leh, looks so ‘so-so’ and yet can just plonk down hard cash by the thousands. If you observe long enough, you will realise that those cosmetics do not work. LOL! I am PMS-ing, I think. Mascara works fine for me.

    Mrs T – No way! I will never subject myself to another person’s hands to beautify me. What more, all these ladies who do not look qualified at all! Anyway, I got bushy eyebrows. Like a man.

  7. It’s what they say–the stitch in hair/thread into your eyebrows to make it fuller and thicker.

  8. my friend did it before. it’s like tattooing a darker brow onto your existing ones.

    doesn’t last very long also. about a year or so & it slowly fades from black to brown.

    use the eyebrow pencil better.

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