Aww mannn…I am cheap

Took this quiz link from Simon’s blog. He is worth $3,047,386. I am very sure he cheated with the answers.

I cheated too because I do not know my IQ and women always lie about their weights. The results? Dang…I am so cheap. What the heck am I talking about? Hehehehe, the HumanForSale quiz! Saham jatuh. BTW, for females, they also ask if you are a A,B,C or DD cup. Try putting DD and I bet your price will shoot up the ceiling. I thought DD stands for Double Droopy boobs mah and A for Attractive wor.

I am worth $1,186,852 on

Someone, please tell me you are cheaper than me.

Oh ya, doing a little traffic whoring for kstang again. Go to his very interesting blog about bicycling regarding Tour De France. Make sure you find out why all cycling pants are black in colour. (psstt…kstang pay me 10 sen for each click)

Weekends are boring. Cannot wait till Monday again.

18 thoughts on “Aww mannn…I am cheap

  1. ks – If not what you think wor? Google is paying me a lot more you know? Chi puat is only sah lui for them.

    kiasi – OI, OI, what are you thinking hor? It means the value as in being able to earn income, how professional, whether healthy (i.e. insurance costs etc) lah. Not that kind of cheap you think la. Choy….

  2. I got 2,66 7,000 after they deducted 150,000 for being bald and for sex -N/A– what on earth????

  3. …to continue … I AM NOT bald!!!! and certainly being a married woman- sex cant be N/A. GRRRRRRRRRR..

  4. Simon – You cheat, now wonder! Cause everyone of us wondering what happened to us? Bad!

    romantic – LOL! What did you enter? Bald and celibate? hahaha!

    Metria – Simon lied.

    Che-Cheh – I lost out in the activity section. No sports, no exercise etc. And I dunno my IQ so I put 80. I don’t know if that is a moron or what.

  5. eh, i no tipu lar… i score bcoz when they ask sense of humor & artistic ability & sense of style all i put excellent (ahem). but that one very subjective ler…

    summore i don’t do drugs… that worth a lot of money one right…?

  6. this is how much i am worth

    You are worth exactly $3,818,958 You can see a breakdown of how much money each category adds to your value along the left under “My statistics”. An email with your results has been sent to

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