GTA – San Andreas furore

There is a tiny clip in the international news (in The Star dd 10/7/05) about Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas. I Google for more info and find a longer piece of news in NBCII.

No, I have not gone into blogging about PS2 and computer games. I am only writing about this because I am a parent.

Excerpt from the news:

Admittedly, “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” is already one of the more violent and lurid games on the market. It’s full of speeding cars, gangs and gunplay, and “girlfriends” who invariably met on the street wearing skimpy clothing.

I do allow my boys to play on the computer and PS2. In fact, I find the 70s songs rather shiok. However, they know that I do not tolerate them talking like those gangsters nor are they allowed to utter any ‘foreign’ words. Sometimes, I do hear the middle two boys (age 9 yrs and 13 yrs) threatening each others like,

“Say it la, I go tell mommy. She wash your mouth with the toilet brush only you know.”


“You die! I am going to tell mommy. She sure wash your mouth with Dettol.”

The difference is I am ALWAYS within ear shot and know what they are up to the whole day. But what about those parents who are not English literate? Or those parents who cannot afford to stay home with the kids?

Yesterday, when I was at the shop selling electronic games, a mother came by to enquire about the Playstation. She has no idea what PS1 and PS2 is but she is very keen to get one for her kid nevertheless. So, what is going to happen to millions of kids who have absolutely no parental guidance?

I abhor small kids who get kicks out of wrestling games. Especially when they select skimpy dressed female opponents. Then, bashed them up and toss and turn the female opponent. Sometimes, my kids’ schoolmates will come by with their own games. If anyone do that, they know they won’t get the chance to drop in again.

Sad to say, some parents here don’t bother much what gets into their kids’ mind. As long as the kids don’t bother them. Are they aware of news like these?

Walsh said the “hot coffee” scenes are p*rnography by anyone’s definition, and called on Rockstar to “come clean” on whether they programmed the scenes into the game.

“This is about kids,” Walsh said. “Can you imagine the impact of 13, 14 and 15 year old boys literally enacting this scene?”

Horrors, my kids are 2, 9, 13 and 15 yrs old!

Read the full news posted on July 9th 2005 at NBCII.

So, are your little nephews and nieces watching while you playing violent games? Remember to coach and guide them, ok? In Penang, two innocent guys had been bashed up recently. One trying to help a girl, the other trying to help an old man. One died, the other survived. I guess the bullies think it is cool to be violent.

Keen – tks for pointing that out. I am too saintly liao. LOL.

12 thoughts on “GTA – San Andreas furore

  1. Incidently, the “Hot Coffee” scenes are not actually available on the PS2 or PC, unless they download a mod for the game to be able to play it.

    Sad fact is, Malaysia does not practice an ESRB rating nor enforce anything as such to prevent kids from playing games that are clearly for mature audiences.

  2. it’s only available on PC version, not PS2, and again, only by installing mods, it’s a feature programmed by the developer in the game, but later removed any access to it as it was way too extreme, but some resourceful players were able to unlock it by some hack, hence the ‘hot coffee’ mod.

  3. My father strongly encourage me not to play those games. So, I don’t have a chance to expose those games. Therefore, I don’t know anything about it.

    BTW, I still feel that games are mostly not suitable for children loh. Will brainwash children’s thinking. I did bad in my UPSR because of those games.

  4. Actually I find the foreign words useful. Can use to threaten pple to return me mah money wakakaka..

    no la serious. to kids it’s bad.

  5. andycjw, won’t go into details, but Hot Coffee is doable on the PS2, though it requires more work than the PC version.

  6. Keen and andy – Wah, wah, teach me! Hahaha, no lah, joking only la. I got both computer and PS2 but I don’t think my kids dare to do anything. I can crack their computer and I mean take a batu lesung and crack it if they dare to do such things. LOL!

    JxT – And our country gahmen wonder why violence arise etc. They never look at the foundation.

    kiasi – Wei, can tell how many A you get in UPSR?

  7. keen – PS2 version need to load the save games file from memory card onto PC and modify it, need special device right? auntie lilian can’t be buying the boys the device to let them do so, it’s out of the way then.

  8. There are games with much ‘worse’ content that those in GTA:SA, like God of War for instance and you don’t even need any mods or hacks to get to them. The media is only kicking up a fuss about GTA:SA since Rockstar Games is the media’s favourite whipping boy, no thanks to the publicity of their earlier GTA games and Manhunt.

    “This is about kids,” Walsh said. “Can you imagine the impact of 13, 14 and 15 year old boys literally enacting this scene?”

    I find this quote particularly hilarious because GTA:SA is rated Mature (ie. only suitable for ages 17+ or older). A 13, 14 and 15 year old kid shouldn’t have been playing this game in the first place, hack or no hack.

    And if a 17 year old is going to have his mind warped by a scene of two polygons vaguely copulating, he’s already got some issues to deal with.

  9. Hey.. Lilian,
    I agree with you .. as parents.. we really have to be at earshot.. and know what our children are up to. As owner by association of a video game rental store.. we make it very clear to our employees.. that we are not allowed to rent Mature games to minor.. and if the parents comes into the store.. and rent it for them.. they have to sign a consent form.. stating that they are aware of the contents.. and so forth. We are responsilble owners .. are just doing our part.. to keep our children safe. Most parents here do appreciate it.. and i can tell .. that some only come to our store.. because they know that this crazy chinese woman keeps their children in line.

  10. Lilian

    I wanted to buy my son a PS2, so the other day I was asking him, “Son, you want PS 2 or not?” Mommy wants to buy one for you coz everyone seems to be having one and I do not want you to miss out on anything and later on blamed me for depriving you of PS2″. He replied, “No. I don’t want PS2, Mommy. I want Spongebob square pants VCD game.” Phew….

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