Have a thought for the Muslims


The above is a supposed to be a huge event held at PISA which is a huge white elephant meant for hosting huge sports event like the SUKMA and whatever. So, banners are everywhere informing the PUBLIC about the event.

Naturally, if it is a public event, the multi-racial rakyat of Malaysia will throng there, right? So, how can the organiser do such things:
1) All the various bakwa (dried pork) stalls are at the main entrance, in all its glory;
2) All the smokey bakwa smells are everywhere;
3) There is no segregation of halal and non-halal stalls
4) It is one long, circle of stalls after stalls like Allagapa, Madu Asli intersperse with Taiwan sausages, bakwa, luncheon meat, wines, alchohol, Da Ma Cai and etc.

I am very disappointed that even at this age and considering the magnitude of the event, there are still morons who are not aware that we are living in Malaysia, a land with many races! How can they be so insensitive?

While my son was buying the fried lok-lok (satay celup but in oil), a Malay boy wanted to buy the nuggets. I was aghast! Thank God he changed his mind because that is totally not very the halal at all. Phew….

I am truly ashamed and disappointed. I hope someone bring up this matter in the Penang State Government sidang or whatever.

BTW, what you saw on the table is 500gms (for per person) of bakwa for bakwa eating competition. My son asked me what is going on (when they were setting up the stage). I told them pigs eating pigs. LOL! Don’t hate me, only a pig can eat half a kilogrammes of pig within minutes.

Let’s all learn to be a little sensitive to each of our fellow Malaysians adab dan resam. Please teach your little children from small that Malay/Muslims children don’t eat pork, Hindus don’t eat beef and Chinese eat everything with four legs except the table. And please don’t teach your children to shun Chinese just because they eat pork.

13 thoughts on “Have a thought for the Muslims

  1. You know kak, if we malaysians have more of you, give or take a few million, our country would be a better place.

    Wishful thinking some might say. I don’t care!!!

    I am glad to have known you and I don’t give a damn if you are a chinese, a christian or whatever! your blood is red. So are mine!

    Enough reason for me to be your friend!

    Thanks kak for a wonderful post!

  2. Food ought not to be sold at such events at all. Sell beef and you would be offending Hindus. Ban loud-speakers too; they wake up everyone.

  3. JxT – Exactly. All it needs is a little brain to organise it in a more orderly manner.

    Hin – Yeah, right. Dunk all idiots into hot oil also.

    Sham – Helllo, back to blogging again? It bothers my hubby and I a lot. We meleter all the way. It is not fair ‘cos they charged RM2 for parking and after people have taken the whole family inside, to find such things.

    Halian – It is our responsibility really. A simple act like being more sensitive can go along way towards peace and harmony.

  4. I was advise not to give Muslims any meat (including chicken meat, pork, beef, and mutton), because dunno which of them were already ‘sembahyang’-ed.

  5. kiasi – You are right. I never even offer any food I cooked in my kitchen to my sons’ school friends who are Muslims when they come to my house. Only hand out packet drinks and packet biscuits.

  6. Hmmm… organizers should go for more accpetable stuff… I for one, can live without that meat thingy…

  7. seriously?? 🙁 that is rather disturbing. the organizers should have been more responsible and sensitive. i think it was VERY distastful of them to allow such sale. if at all it was a MUST to sell th bakwa, could they just pack it up properly instead of bbq it? packing it up and setting up some sort of barrier between halal n non-halal would have been such a better idea.

  8. BTW, Chinese who are Buddhists don’t eat beef. As for the 4 legged tables, you haven’t heard of Chinese termites?

  9. i admire and respect your lashing out at the inconsideration of the organisers. a multi-cultural, multi-faceted society as ours takes lots of consideration, tolerance and understanding to have. i believe in the muhibbah spirit and proudly advertise the diversity of our wonderful Malaysian multi racial society. I am Malaysian and proud of it.

    Saya anak Malaysia.

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