Genderless bedsheets?


Ever heard of that? No? If you are married, then you will probably understand what I am talking about.

We only buy our bedsheets whenever there is a big sale. We head for the 70% + 20% bin. So, choices are usually limited.

5xmom : Hah! This is nice.

5xdad : Bleargh!

5xmom : Nice…got heart-shapes, got teddy bears, pink colour, so romantic.

5xdad : Nah, take this.

5xmom : Chey, so black. Afterwards mosquitoes made their home.

5xmom : I DEMAND to buy the pink one.

5xdad : In that case, you go sleep alone.

5xmom : Ok lor, we buy twin beds. I sleep on my preferred design, you sleep on yours.

In the end – we have to buy two designs.

That green chequered one is the rare genderless bedsheets that we found. Other times, bedsheets promoters will have a fun time watching these two clowns arguing over bedsheets.

Nobody tell me being married is so tough. Have to give and take so much. Hahahaha. Do all married couples have this blue vs. pink or flowers vs. chequers/stripes choices to make? And men – is it such a big deal to sleep on ‘girlish’ designs?

21 thoughts on “Genderless bedsheets?

  1. Babe – Mine too. And 320 thread (or whatever is the max). Plus imported, if available. Top that off with the design thingy and I get all PMS-ed.

    Jason – Wah, sunflower so bright mah no need to sleep liao lor.

  2. No issues at all for hubby .. preferably bright and funky …. and doesn’t cause considerable damage to his wallet …………

  3. ha..ha..ha..soo true. My hubby likes all these geometric designs bedsheet with colours such black, white, brown, grey etc where as i prefer those with floral designs with colours such as fuschia, lavender, moss green etc. In the end we end up buying the “neutral” bedsheet with safe colours such as light blue, light green, pale yellow, beige etc. Designs? Polka dots, striped or some boxes and triangles..

  4. B4 married, bedspreads, pillow cases etc all beautiful matching sets. After married with kids, got floral, got geometric designs and must haves cartoon and animal zoos design all jumbled up together. No more matching-matching.

  5. No floral design allow for our bedsheet. Dunno how to butter him to make him change his mind. Any idea?

  6. Lucky fatty didn’t go for shopping with I could buy watever design I like..
    so far have no objection yet..hehe

  7. Pink? Over my dear body …erm, I sleep like a pig and to my wife, I looked like a dead body anyway. Lucky my wife don’t go for girlish design. LOL.

  8. I always buy blue. All the time. No pink for me. It’s all rooted since young.

    This is Tom.
    Tom’s favourite hobby is play ball.
    Tom’s favourite colour is blue.

    This is Jane.
    Jane’s favourite hobby is play dolls.
    Jane’s favourite colour is pink.

  9. Lillian leng lui, ever found those plain bedsheets in the bargain bin?

    If you did, it would be nice to mix and match the colour of the bedsheets, bolstercase and pillowcase to have a layering effect šŸ™‚

    It looks better than those boring sets šŸ™‚


  10. no problem with the sheets as long as they’re at least 300 count and preferably Egyptian cotton. I’m not a girly sheet person. I usually prefer plain pastel colors and definitely not patterns and florals- probabaly a leftover phobia from Malaysian childhood–chichak falling on bed.
    However I think he wont take lightly to anything with a actor/pop idol etc face on the sheets hehehe

  11. Wah, busy day today. Surprise to find so many similar situations.

    Romantic – Hahaha, I think if indeed there is a David Beckham or Brad Pitt face on the sheets, it can be a mighty turn off for some men. LOL! Are you thinking what I am thinking?

    EF – Usually hor, all those plain ones never go on sale at 70% + 20% and 5times bonus link points mah. So, I sapu all the jinjang ahbeng ahlian ones lor. LOL! Some of them are from USA, some Japan. Costs about RM700! When not on sale.

    JxT – Reinforcement during childhood stays? Lucky you. Or else:
    This is Jason.
    Jason’s favourite hobby is play dolls.
    Jason’s favourite colour is pink.

    Willwof : Ei, red colour is good for romance wor. Make you ‘chio’ Go buy some? With big cocks one? I mean the male chicken type.

    msau – Don’t be too sure. Last time hor, I everything decide. Now he old liao, very damn fussy leh. Men!

    sofib – Hahaha, I have some very mushy ones with ‘I miss you’ ‘Together in love’ LOL! My hubby really hates that. I tak peduli la…. I like bright colours, more cheerful.

    MG – The only reason mine still stays is because my helper takes the trouble to match it. Otherwise, I also dun bother la. As long as got cover, enuff liao.

    boo – I guess one can adjust. Buying furniture/cars/decorating house all also we will argue (in a joking way la) and meet halfway.

    Viewtru – Whenever Parkson Grand has members’s day sale. In Penang, very few shopping centres mah.

  12. Simon – Glad you say bear bear cute. Yes, that one is a cheap one. Also discounted one. As long as not satin sheets where you can slide onto the floor. LOL!

    kasba – That means your mother bought the right design for you la?

    moneyminded – It can be so hard to choose when we shop together. Sometimes, I wish I just buy whatever I fancy and force it on him.

    Pompit – Not every man so fussy like my old man kut.

  13. I sleep in any sheet as long as it’s comfortable and the Momma is there for me to hug. She can buy whatever designs she likes. After all we’re not looking at how beautiful they are. We’re either busy doing some other things or sleeping in the dark.

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