I am a Mastercard holder


Photo taken from Buangmasa. There are more photos that say a thousand word there. Go check it out.

For as long as I can remember, I only have Mastercard. I still remember the excitement of finally qualified to hold a credit card when I was in my mid twenties. At that time, MBf was a top corporate company. I had the Ladies Card which come with perks.

Another credit card thrill was when my atm gave me a gold supplementary card on one of my birthdays. Having a gold card back then is a big deal. And credit cards don’t come easy. You have to work you ass off to earn a certain amount to get it. Then, you have to get the proper paperworks done like submitting your salary slip and everything.

But now? Any ah soh, ah beng, ah lian are given as many cards as they want. Having a card is not longer a status symbol. It is a chore because it means you have to stand in line in a long, long queue with tomdickandharries whenever there is a BIG sale. So no standard.

Anyway, SAY NO TO VISA. You can get all the links related to this issue at Wingz’s blog. And the post by blogger who had to say goodbye to visa.com.my. Visa International DID NOT even pay Blewtooth the domain fee!

In my opinion, Visa International shouldn’t under estimate the power of bloggers. Don’t they know we are all rich mamas who can easily snip, snip off our Visa cards and opt for Mastercard, Amex, Diners? Titanium and platinum one somemore. Hrmmpphh…

6 thoughts on “I am a Mastercard holder

  1. Wahsei!! I was so happy got my 1st card, then cry when paying my 1st c/card charges. D more cards u hold, d more debts u owe manz! Katakan Tak Nak to many Credit Cards!! Anyway, my preference is more towards Mastercard.

  2. The only thing that show status is CASH. If you can buy a house by paying cSOLID cash, then you will be looked as rich.

  3. honestly, i do not understand the thrill of owning credit cards. credit cards do not mean you dont have to pay. it merely means you’re living in credit.

    AMEX’s green card, to gold cards, to platinum cards, and now titanium cards? wow. just wow.

    i’m 21 and my parents never gave me a credit card. the one i have right now, is from a bank account in uk. and even that is a normal non-flashy one.

    credit cards are what gets a lot of students broke, really. a trend especially in the uk where them white kids think them cards are easy cash.

  4. woohoo i remembered mbf gave me a ladies gold card, no choice cos kena trapped as they were our client. sum more invite us to their pompous launch in the spankling new mandarin oriental. wahhh such a big do, man, the card even presented in a nice velvet box! whoa… made me feel so atas but then we knew almost everyone oso they approve one. hahaha

    then i remembered the first time swiping my supp plat card wahhhh u see the treatment given oso very different from my clear card!!! however a year later i declined the renewal as the fee does not justify having it. then later no feel liau cos every muthu, ahmad and ahbee oso can get plat card.

    and now wat?? titanium?? centurion?? adoi

  5. My bank keep issue visa to me since 5 years ago, they keep sending visa card to me every 6 month. I just chop the card to half. When I use another bank credit card, both master and visa come by default, and I cancel the visa. Always think visa is a Liang/Beng card.

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