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Ladies and Gentlemen, Parents-to-be and parents

Finally, I had an idea how to get my voices through! I have the website and forum but sometimes, I have to restrain my own thoughts and opinions so as not to appear like I am using the website to spread my parenting crusades.

There are 800 members in my parenting forum so I have to watch what I posted. Sometimes, it is a tricky situation. If I say something good about being a full-time mother, those working mothers feel slighted. If I say about the goodness of breastfeeding, some mothers who did not quite get it right in breastfeeding felt left out.

With my personal blog, I cannot rant on and on about parenting because most people will be bored to tears. And I do have a lot of rubbish in my head to rant other than parenting stuffs.

So, now I have a blog just for parenting. I am getting a few other mothers to group blog. We will scour the net for the latest news and etc related to parenting and share them with everyone.

SapiensBryan has just installed WordPress for me two nights ago and I am getting to know WordPress. Thanks a lot Bryan!

Welcome Mom’s Daily to the internet. A blog for parents.

3 thoughts on “Parent’s voices

  1. Have a look at Mom’s daily, I think even those “father to be” should read it. As more and more misleading info is given from our media, government (yes, you are right, our “taiko) and corporate, Malaysia turn out to be a junk-supplementary food dumping ground. One example is the stupid osteoporosis doubt distribute by the milk company, again our media (all local newspaper) simply endorse it with little cares.

  2. moo_t : Right, all the news are filtered and then skewed to help sell more vitamins, milk powder, smart baby programmes etc. Most parents are all misguided now.

    kiasi – Join our forum? Can…you can help us spread breastfeeding awareness to your classmates. Serious.

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