Wanted : Firemen using starch

I got a ‘serious’ looking email which turned out to be a spam. I usually deleted them but today, this one caught my eyes. It comes with ‘serious’ looking testimonials:

Ken — 38, Male, Canada
I fear it will become so thick my girl could get hurt. =)

Jose — 29, Male, USA
I cannot believe how good my ??? has become. It is a thick blob that shoots like a rocket. My wife says she can feel the force with *edited* hits her inside, which earlier she couldn’t even feel.


Viewtru wrote about this in his blog few days ago:

6th July : Yahoo search – ‘how increase my *word deleted* volume to mind blowing loads’.
I was No 9 on Yahoo results last week. But why would anyone need to *word deleted* to mind blowing loads? All it takes is only one sperm cell to do the job. ONLY ONE!

I can’t get the vision of a fireman armed with a hose spraying starch out of my mind. Wonder if this can end world hunger?

5 thoughts on “Wanted : Firemen using starch

  1. End world hunger? Naw…it’ll make it worse. It takes a few million to one chance to make a home run, yet we have teeming billions now fighting for food (including the half throwing away left-overs) and plenty more coming where they came from…..

  2. Joe – Hahaha, I am still laughing at my own sentence. I don’t know what go into me. LOL! Bcos starch reminds me of food that goes into the mouth and swallowed down to the stomach. LOL! So, I added in the last sentence AFTER I ping-ed to PPS.

    LC Teh – You got my brain twisted with so many directional quotes.

    Mr Kiasi – We are discussing world hunger problems. Hahahah.

    Kasba – I can’t stop grinning at the testimonials in the email.

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