Email forwards

The good news…..

Forwarding a quirky email or an amusing link or video attachment to colleagues may seem innocent enough, but it is the modern equivalent of ritual gift exchange and carries with it similar social implications, say US researchers.

Excerpt from New Scientist

Forwarding a genuinely amusing or interesting link to a friend, for example, shows that you are thinking of them and are aware of the sort of content they like, Gross says.

The bad news…

But passing an irrelevant or out-of-date link on to contacts can be annoying, thus lowering the sender’s social status in the recipient’s eyes.

The real situation.


And I don’t mind losing a few friends who love mail forwards.
I ALSO HATE TO TELL my so-called online friends what I had been up to when they could easily read my blog. I have a blog, dear. Read my blog.

19 thoughts on “Email forwards

  1. You know what? I just got an email forward about Mars. I was all excited about it. Google and found out that this happened in 2003. OMG, what if I blog it and become idiot of PPS? While searching for the Mars news, I found the above at New Scientist. What a discovery!

  2. Out of 100 forward mails, only 1 will get me rajin enuff to click on it. Else, trash can it will be. Forward mail = think of you. Craps. If think of me, either you follow my blog or write me an email, even by sending an ecard is better than forward mails. Especially those with 0-5 person, 6-10 and stuffs…

  3. Me : Hi!

    Wingz : Hello!

    Me : I’m Jason.

    Wingz : Jasonmumbles?

    Me : No. the buangmasa fella.

    Wingz : Ic.

    Me : And u r?

    Wingz : Read my blog.

    Me : Where is your blog?

    Wingz :

    Me : *opens*

    Me : OH! YOu ARE PATT LEONG GAM!!! …

  4. I hate those. My mum gave my email to her friend’s daughter as a contact. Inturn instead of writing to me would constantly forward 50-200K junk mail with a long list of c.c.’s. One of those cc’s end up trying to pick me up..Bleh!!!!

  5. The problem with some people – they dont read those junk mails, just forward only. It’s a norm to them already. Anything in their inbox, the only thing they think of is FORWARD. Like the fehemes Wingz said, they can get “sexcitement” by doing that.

  6. Chain letters are the worse of ’em all ….. especially especially especially when religion is mentioned….

  7. I hate mail forwards! 3 days don’t check mail…50 over mail and mostly repeated mail forwards. Bangang betul

  8. Some are quite good (especially the original funny jokes) and I sometimes paste them up on my blog. However, I hate the forwarded rumours and pictures of dead people.

  9. Adam – Yeah, those carefully selected ones are most welcome. My hubby also send forward mails to me. Especially those humourous ones on our politikus. LOL!

    S-Kay : It is those that put my email alongside with 30 of their friends that I hate most. And sometimes, someone replied ‘all’ and I got another torrent of forwards. Betul bengang.

    JxT – LMAO too.

    pompit – I got loads of that. If I don’t forward, it means I am ashamed of my God….*sheesh* I terus send to thrash bin. LOL!

    Joe – I hate it when they never bothers to even put their own sentence inside. Nowadays, I no shy-shy, straight write to my friends and tell them don’t forward ‘cos I have no time to read. I do lost contact with some.

    romantic – Hahahaha, you got pick up by c.c. lists? You must have a romantic name indeed.

    Jason – I terus tell people to stop sending and they do stop everything, including friendship, I think.

  10. Oi, Wingz, tell me when you see me luff at other people? No mah…..So that is special lor.

    kiasi – Can….you also reply all and forward your URL lor.

  11. I also hate that. Especially those with large attachment, when I am travelling. Imagine sitting in front of my machine at 1am, waiting for this stupid forwarded email to come in – takes up 1 to 2 hours. I have something to share on this… probably will blog.

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