Of birdies and pussies

Question : How to get rid of pussy?
Answer : Make it wet.

Question : How to get rid of birdie?
Answer : Hang a CD

Huh? What is 5xmom babbling about? Pest control lah. You think what?

Pest? What sort of pests? Two legged ones or what?

Here are the true stories.


JasonT MSN me one late night. He got pussies screaming ‘mau, mau, mau’ outside his window. But unfortunately, it is the four-legged type. Poor Jason, indeed. LOL! So, I told him to splash water on them. It worked. But the pussies came back with a bigger gang. So, Jason splash a bigger pail of water. You have to ask him what happen.

My sister told me about sparrows building nests outside her bedroom windows. Causing my bro-in-law to have severe allergies. Later on, one of my forum member asked how to get rid of pigeons. I suggested removing their nests (by calling a contractor). And hang CDs which are reflective to scare them away. Hanging some nets also works.


Here is a photo I took from my apartment unit. (not mine) Some of the units also have problems with pigeons.

Remember : Pigeons droppings are very dangerous. It contains harmful viruses which may cause illness and even leukemia in children. Don’t feed pigeons, no matter how cute you think they are.

If all else fail, one member suggested killing one bird and hang there to scare the rest away. Cool! Just like the Chinese proverb. Only thing is I forget how it is said. Kill a monkey to save a jungle? (or something like that?)

So, there. 5xmom on pest control. Now, who knows how to get rid of bats? I don’t mean Batman.

16 thoughts on “Of birdies and pussies

  1. Hang a bat??!!! No wait! They might think d bat is sleeping upside down! Bats like dark place rite? So light up d area lor

  2. My hubby got sh*tted by a pigeon (or was it a crow) just before we got married .. on the nose in Bangsar. That was pretty funny. All macko like dat .. suddenly .. splat … Ha ha …

    Then, few months ago, while talking to someone outside the court … he got one again. This time it was worst .. from the nose, it slid down his shirt to the pants …. !!

    Some luck he got!!

  3. “thai ngeow kah kau” (hokkien & teochew)= kill a cat to teach the monkeys.

    good idea with those CDs. when the wind blows, they spin around reflecting lights, images, etc… and hopefully scare the birdies away.

    as for pussies, they’re rather persistent. make them wet, what if some may like it and come back for more? LOL…

  4. pompit – Aduh, what luck he has! The birds love him, I guess. In Hokkien shit is pronounced as sai which rhymes with chai (luck). So if kena shit, it means lucky.

    sexymama – Yeah, helps with world hunger too. Eat rats, cockroaches, maggots, dogs, cats….You are gross, you know that? So am I.

    kasba – *innocent look*

    Joe – LOL! Ya hor, if hang one bat upside down, nanti the whole cave of bats also come and hang around.

    simmielang – I cannot afford to be humsup ‘cos I want to maintain *innocent look*. LOL! Want humsup, go to drliew.net.

  5. kiasi – The person who asked from KL. Not me. Animals are afraid of me. LOL! Because I have no mercy.

    Teh – Aha! I learn a new proverb liao. Kill cat, sometime we must.

  6. Bah. Those cats that day macam ada conference. Meow here meow there. Couldn’t sleep until 5am.

    Buden they never come back. Good also.

  7. ppl hang pat kua outside, you hang CD. macam macam ada. Penang got bats aa? haven’t seen one for many many years…

  8. simon – hang pat kua only drives keong si away, not birds la.

    fishtail – good idea! I will tell the person.

    JxT – even cats cannot resist JxT!

    fashionasia – generally, all birds droppings are dirty but especially pigeons. Last time, one of my ex-boss twin died of leukemia which the doctor suspected he got it from the pigeons at the babysitter place. In HK, they ban feeding pigeons, can fine HKD5,000 (if I remember correctly).

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