A first conversation with a blogger/stranger

I got a phone call from a mysterious guy today. It goes something like this:

Apek : Harlow….Lilian ah?

Lilian : Yeah, who’s that?

Apek : Me lar (shall refer as X-man from here on)

Lilian : Aiyoh…why your voice so apek wan? Kahkahkah Your blog doesn’t sound as old as you.

X-man : Tiu la, I am old wukay? I no educated wan. KN (and said in Hokkien somemore) why you *censored* (referring to something-something la) like that?

Lilian : Wahkahkah, you really talk like you blog hor?

X-man and 5xmom continue wahkahkahkah over other things. In conclusion, it has been nice tokking to you, X-man. *waves*

21 thoughts on “A first conversation with a blogger/stranger

  1. wah lau eh … S-Kay ….its scary you know ? you shud be my wife to know so much bout me …. its either that or you are my stalker sial~ LMAO!

    *X-man waves bek to 5xmom*

  2. kahkahkah, oi larling, cool down la. Dun waste PPS bandwith. I fai si waste my breath liao. kam we tok labish.

  3. Apa mau teka-teka? Kalo ade ‘KNN’, ‘cimai’, ‘MCH’ in between conversation, 100% sure Mr Rojak la.

  4. ks – You also tok to him liao ah? You got count how many tius, kn, tl he say in 1 minute or not? Cis, my kids are around if not we could ping-pong KNNMCBMPK lol.

    kiasi – I dun get it wor. Is that a person or thing?

    Joe – Right. Somemore never tell me his real name or his nickname. Say his blog name and I thot ‘aisay man, now rojak also got telemarketing liao ah?’ LOL!

    Simon – Ya lar, Simon’s NOTY’s name tercemar liao.

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