Income Tax wanna impound 5xmom!

10.30 am is my sleeping hours.

*phone berderiiinnnnngggg*

5xmom : &*#@#!*^# *struggled out of bed* HARLOW….

Sweet lady : hillo, can i ah speak to miss loh (atm’s full name)

5xmom : *change to secretary’s mode* Hes not shere. Can I help chiu?

Sweet lady : I am Miss F from the Income Tax Department

5xmom : Ok, can chiu give me your lamber? I ask MR. Loh to return call.

Sweet lady : Yadda Yadda, I call you regarding your current account and how you want to clear your taxes.

5xmom : *not impressed, thinking : Dey, my atm is an accountant you know? He never skip his taxes wan. Probably they are calling about 5xmom’s RM700 hutang which Income Tax just recently notified us. WTF, I stopped working for 7 years and now you want to claim money from me.*

Sweet lady : Yadda Yadda Yadda, We are going to invoke Section 104. If we do that, you cannot leave the country you know.

5xmom : *fully awake without coffee* Ok, ok, I will ask Mr. Loh to call you.

Fast forward after Income Tax and Mr. Loh talked.

5xdad : LOL! Income tax said I owe them RM80,000 in taxes! *^%$#@#$ they only know how to ask for money but never update their ledger. LOL! They want to take my passport also. LOL!

For a second, I thought I had gone bankrupted due to RM700. *sheesh* Can you believe this? Bad records. Thank God I married an accountant. Girls, marry accountants next time. Boring also never mind, at least you don’t need to crack your pretty head over taxes and bad records by Income Tax.

**Matter easily solved with a few faxes of the payment records.**

11 thoughts on “Income Tax wanna impound 5xmom!

  1. Die! RB – I ter-delete your comment. Anyway, that’s how much we have to pay for taxes. Of course, the amount is not for a single year but over a period of time. Welcome to the real world, where you work your arse off to pay taxes.

    Simon – One sentence : All accountnuts are BORING.

    ST – Ouch? It has been paid, so don’t feel the pinch.

    Mr B – I retract what I said to Simon. LOL!

  2. Aiyoh, I am married to an accountant and he banyak kira, up to the last sen. Good for keeping budgets at home but no good when I want to cheat a bit on the household expenses. He audits every receipt!

  3. bkworm – We must start an AccountNUTs’ wives support group soon. Mine one will ask if I buy that packet of mee at RM1.95 or RM1.69, that can of drink at RM1.05 or RM0.99….. Tesco manyak kali kena with him. LOL! He checks the receipt and asked for refunds. It does get on my nerves ‘cos I just chucked everything into the trolley, buta-buta pay and go home. Finito.

    JxT – RM700 is some balance leftover dunno from what donkey years. I kena bayar, how to belanja?

  4. Many years ago, I got a letter (in one of those brown envelopes) from the Income Tax Dept, asking me to produce documents of my earned income for the past TEN years! I almost had a heart attack. In fact, I think I HAD a minor heart attack from which I have not fully recovered.

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