Let’s go PPS bash

In case you people missed it, there is bash going on at PPS. It is fun, it is exciting and lots of people are there. All the BOTY, NOTY, Femes Four, BOTY wannabe, NOTY wannabe, politikus, Ah Sohs, Ah Sahms, macam-macam ada.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go bash. And I mean bash as in hentam. LOL! Not bash as in party.

Before that, let’s read these blogs?

T-Boy who said :

Then there’s the issue of who owns Petaling Street. Aiz does, there’s no question. Is that a good thing? I mean, not to diss you or anything, Aiz, but what if you got run over by a bus? PPS dying with you… would really suck

Dr. Liew who quoted Maddox’s blog :

What Is A Blog
Blog: The word “blog” is literally shorthand for “boring;” a vulgar, overused word … It’s an abbreviation used by journalism drop outs to give legitimacy to their shallow opinions and amateur photography …

And finally, Codename47 who wrote the The 11 DEADLY SINS OF BLOGGING!:

i have gathered the most annoying thing a blogger can do and compiled them into a list of sorts! With each comes my own arguement on why it’s dumb and stupid plus lame!

I don’t know about others. But I am lovin’ it. Yeah, blogging is fun.

BTW, don’t forget to drop me a thank you note for bringing these news to you. And also bridging the gaps. Whatever la.

***I think this is my 12th PING***

14 thoughts on “Let’s go PPS bash

  1. i my bluebird got receive news hor got ppl wanna register penangfeaces.chanlilian.net to parody u la !!! die die!

  2. Hah? I got blog two topics, come back got 8 comments.

    RB – You notty, I saw Carrie Underwood and Carrie Underwood.

    Hanyi – Quick, protect me from spamming by Wingz…..Dun blame me ler. I just instal WordPress and very shiok to play around.

    JxT – That Wingz on what drugs ha? Go control him a bit. My diskspace must pay money wan you know. Simply post so many.

    Wingz – I no sked parotti wan. I like the attention. You so free, go la, go la.

  3. One more thing – You all dunno meh? All those tomdickandharry maryjaneandsusie blogs are mine, mine, mine. I one person got 12 blogs. Every topic also I write.

  4. Lilian is simply great!

    She is the natural self who blogs “out of joy, playfulness and spontaneity” and demonstrated her creative juices in sharing her ideas and observations on almost everything on earth!

    She fully utilizes her limitless creative energy and abilities as a joyful part of her being and NOT out of responsibility (to be paid for work done as in a 9-5 job and distort them).

    She helps not because she should and rightly deserves an award in the PPS’s, Governor’s or Agong’s list.

  5. Fui yoh….so much excitement over pinging! Everyone should be like me……ping less than 10 times in one month. And summore ping for formality sake only. Otherwise ppl think I don’t support PPS. But blogging is for fun only mah. If ppl don’t read, mah don’t read lor. Anyway, I kept out of the fray because I’m not a frequent pinger, so I’m not that concerned. But I do understand that spamming is annoying to a lot of people. Especially to newbies who need to get noticed.

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