Lilian too strikes again!

Dear Fengsuimaster,

I just bought the pyramid(fire)at Midvalley, my house is facing south east, where can i put the pyramid in order to avoid quarrel in my marriage life? (contact deleted by 5xmom to protect the person)

This appears on my earlier posting.

I shall do Lillian Too a great favour. She is afterall a high flyer with lots of shows, overseas trip, private engagements etc. And I am doing this for free too! No shite! Serious!

Dear Cik L

A quarrel in married life can be due to many things and not only where the main door is facing. A pyramid is yin, meaning it is the grave of the Pharaoh. So it is spooky, no? Could it be due to :

1) Your bedsheets have too much fire, red colour like those bear-bear with red red hearts wan?

2) Your husband, like all good husbands are memang annoying so you have to tahan and give and take.

3) Your kitchen is the one that determines the harmony of the home in terms of fengshui, believe it or not? ‘Cos if you don’t cook nice nice food like sambal petai dengan udang, assam pedas etc, surelah a lot of quarrels happened. Sumbat mulut laki, diamlah dia. kehkehkeh

4) Never pinpoint a problem to something like fengshui. Fengshui jadi kambing korban means a lot of money flowed into the fengshui master pocket which cause even more quarrels.

5) Read 5xmom blog more often and moga-moga, less tension.

6) Take care of the pyramid. Silap-silap one of you may use it during a quarrel and ouch, the sharp edges hurt.

On a serious note, turn to God Almighty because the Quran (or Bible) provides more wisdom and lasting peace. May you have a loving home.

16 thoughts on “Lilian too strikes again!

  1. tengkiu master fengshui lilian … save money, only need to pay streamyx monthly. lilian tooo much lah you ni šŸ™‚

  2. so….

    should my exhaust pipe stay on the right or should i move it to the left? Or how about centre ala an ugly Savvy? But please don’t tell me to put it at my front bumper yah?

  3. “lilian too larn ???” <— LMFAO!!!! Yes, I know what tulan[sp?] means :p

    Oh, btw, I must agree with #3 – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

  4. 8555, exhaust pipe must be opposite side of gas tank ler… unless you’re some genius Proton engineer who want to put it in the middle…

  5. The comments here are actually funny.. and informative.

    Yeah I think Lilian Too is a rip off! Joey Yap makes much more sense, at least worthy of further inquiry.

  6. CH – I see in Penang they have courses for people wanting to be fengshui masters. LOL! Actually, it is money spinner. With my basic knowledge, I do know a lot, I could be earning a tidy sum. But too bad, God forbids.

    Joe – You dem scary lah.

    simon – who knows 8555’s master one day wake up and find the exhaust pipe like a chimney? Terpacak menghala kat langit. LOL!

    Chief – I don’t think Cik L will be reading this ‘cos she thinks I am Lillian Too wor.

  7. pompit – I pun sendiri tak larat nak lawak kat comments tu. However I am surprise to see a non-Chinese believing in fengshui.

    Wingz – Lilian too what also nvm wan la. kahkahkah. Janji google search engine leads to my blog enuff liao. Trapik, adsense, semua pun boleh.

    Silencer – Wah, make sure you dapat isteri yang boleh masak tau.

    8555 – The colour. Red can cause anger to your master. Road rage. Tell him not never spray you red.

    MG – Too funny, the comments.

    mama22beas – hahaha sakit perut tak?

    simon – next time you go and check price ok?

    ninuk – Glad you enjoy.

    Hanyi – Dun care what too as long as Lilian too

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