Fantastic 4 not so fantastic


*blushed* The last time I went to the cineplex was moons ago. In MidValley for The Incredibles. In between, Uncle Ho fills me up. My older kids are old enough to go to the cinemas on their own. My younger kids are too young.

But The Fantastic 4 seems too good to be missed. So, here goes my very first movie review. *Blush, blush* It is like chicken little.

The bad guy – He is not villainousness enough. In the movie, they failed to make me really hate Victor. So I can’t enjoy when he got immortalised as a statue. Victor is so suave and handsome. Made of steel and full of electricity. Hmmm…sounds like a hot date than a bad guy.

The part that gets my thumb down – One nerdy guy trying to commit suicide and cause a whole bridge load of car accidents. The Thing jumped head on to the oncoming truck and caused my poor little toddler who was enjoying himself in the cinema to bawl. Shite man. My little guy is traumatised because a good, gleaming nice truck was smashed! In fact, he refused to get into the cinema after that ‘cos he can’t bear to see nice, nice cars get bashed up and turned into balls. He got lots so Mattel Hotwheels, so he cares…about cars.

Eh, how to watch movie if your little guy refused to go into the cinema?

Answer : I got atm mah….He tanggung sendiri lah. I am there to enjoy movie, you know?

The Fantastic 4 has only one fantastic guy. Torch. In fact, the whole movie is just about him. He is one hot guy. Not only hot but hot as in supernova hot. He provides all the laughs and also those heroic moments expected from superheroes film.

Reed aka Mr Elastic Man failed to entertain. Mrs. Incredible is so much funnier anytime, big ass and all. The only part about Reed I like is his gray hairs. Oooh, I dig men with grays like that.

The Thing aka Mr Pebbles – I want to feel for him. But I just can’t connect. Probably, the movie should make more mushier parts. Anyway, it ends well for him ‘cos a cun blind girl fell for him. No ears also never mind. Janji rock hard. LOL!

And for the whats-her-name invisible girl? The same bra and panty jokes happened too often it isn’t funny after a while. Anyway, I can’t stand women with swollen lips.

My kids did not get out of the theatre high on adrenalin. Usually, they would be bugging me to buy all the spin-off products, t-shirts, shoes, books, bags….But nope. They did not bother to talk about the show since we left the cineplex.

One more thing – the overused quote :
yadda yadda cost :
bla bla cost :
…Looks on your face : priceless.

*puke* This is so overused man. Every blogger used that at one time or another. Please lah, I spent RM9 X 4 plus 2 sets popcorn to listen to that? Read blog also got say liao.

*sigh* No time to blog today, trapik jatuh, duit pun jatuh. Never mind, going to blog 10 blogs and ping at the same time.

4 thoughts on “Fantastic 4 not so fantastic

  1. I not yet watch Fantastic 4, but I think I rather go watch Hostage.

    wah 10 blogs? Haha Ping la… nothing can be done also.

  2. Tiuss you Wingz. You simply rojak go commented ‘aunty mana mau lari’. Now, everyone is asking me liao. Even doc MSN me – r u ilovekahsoon? PaulTan also MSN – r u sure you are not ilovekahsoon? I wanna sue you liao for defaming me.

    You ping 20, I ping 30. LOL!

    JxT – Hitchhiker looks not bad wor.

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