Google gave me a fright

I usually check my Adsense account before logging off. This is sort of like a ritual to me. Check email. Check forum. Check comments. Check porrn mail. Check Adsense account then only go to sleep.

But when I log in around 3am Malaysian time, I got a shock! WTH! Instead of landing on my Adsense report, I ended up in some Terms Of Service agreement. Whenever I see the fine prints of anything, I know they are bad news. Like I am too young or too old to enter porrn sites?

*slap forehead, wipe cold sweats* OMG, I kena warning and suspended again. Oh no……

*phew* Actually, it is Google Adsense changing their layout. And someone, please tell me what those fine prints say? I read but cannot understand. Anyway, who can absorb those fine prints at 3 am in the morning?

So, bloggers with Google Adsense, don’t say I did not warn you. Google has changed its layout and you will need to agree to some new rules and regulations before you can proceed further.

11 thoughts on “Google gave me a fright

  1. Maybe the husband fell asleep already. *roll eyes*

    Anyway, Adsense only has strict rules of how you ‘label’ the service.

  2. Ya Ya, i think not only you, everybody got a shock la.
    anyway, i still do not understand all the ‘New Terms’, just agree with them lo :<

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