Money come from where?


Money doesn’t grow on trees. Money comes from machine. The atm machine! My mommy loves atm machines. Very useful, very reliable.

Money so easy to get only. Just drive through, poke the card in, teet-teet-teet and teng-teng-teng-tengggggg, machine vomit money out.

Take money go shopping. Buy toys! Whoopee!

Oh yes, today is Saturday. I gave lucky number to my papa. I said seven nine four when I wanted to say Gurney Plaza. God knows how my two years old brain and mouth operate. I want to say one thing but it always sound another thing to my mommy and papa. So, mommy said ‘ang kong jee’ is 794.

Dear all uncles and aunties – The number to tembak for Damacai, Sports Toto and Magnum for this weekend is 7794.

My mommy is too busy today to blog so I am blogging for her. Ta ta!

6 thoughts on “Money come from where?

  1. Since I was little I always thought my money came from my dad…then when I started working… money came mysteriously from Maybank…


  2. OoOooh, so all this while you ask Toddler to spill out the nombor for you la, ha? So much for ‘being able to predict’ lucky numbers šŸ˜€ Rupanya suap your son and ask from him. Cheh :p

    Don’t wanna read your feng shui and toto predictions anymore la like this. main tipu punya

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