Page Rank 5

Everyone is talking about it. So, I must also join in and blog, then PING.

Have you check your Page Rank before? You can do so at : PRChecker or if you use Mozilla Firefox latest version, there is a tiny green bar on top that looks like your petrol tank full/empty indication to show you the page rank. Go to either Kah Soon or Liew CF’s blogs for a better explanation.

What I just learnt is :
0/10 = you are non existent so better start writing real things

5/10 = you have arrived – like me lah *ouch, rotten eggs and tomatoes flying by*

10/10 = impossible number to reach unless you open porrn sites

What I understand is :
The higher your number, the better the chance of Goolge showing your website URL in their search engines. Sort of like your blog has a higher chance of being discovered by every apek, ahpoh, perverts, your aunties, uncles, distant cousins etc when they are searching for something.

Frankly, I don’t know how to get the number up. I think you need to do these:
1) Write rubbish
2) PING at least 10 times to 10 different blogtals (or whatever those directories are called)
3) Avoid ranting as emotions like you feel rotten being dumped or getting your period or unable to get an erection has no substance and hence, Google will ignore them.
4) Most important – Link my blog to yours. LOL!

What’s your number?

13 thoughts on “Page Rank 5

  1. well, i got a 0 but my blogs just a few weeks old. i used to blog from a different place.

    anyway, thanks for the visa article, decided to announce it in my blog too. shows how corporate company squander our measly income.

  2. RB – Earlier I have the button, it says 4. So I just yank off the button. I want to be 5 ‘cos the toolbar says 5. Kiasu to the max. Maybe your new WP format not yet housewarming.

    Jimmy – Glad you heard about VISA. I wish you 10/10! Hahaha.

  3. I did a maths project on the google page-rank algorithm. šŸ™‚ wanna get it up? search for your site on google and click … repeat… repeat…repeat…repeat….repeat…repeat… lol

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