I want to be Japanese


By now, you should know I have two faces. This is the bad one.

See the pic above? See the old man on the left? He stood there, in that pose, with a poker face throughout the whole stage show. I guess he must be the taikoh around to supervise things. All he did was stand.

See the man in a funny pose with something jutting out of his backside? Well, that got my dirty mind wondering. You see, the dancer put their hand into their kimono and make a ‘tail’ that goes up and down when they dance. And there I was, wondering why make a tail and not something in front instead.

During that show, 60+ yrs old grandmas can dance! Not only that, she winked and make seductive poses ala Marilyn Monroe. Fuwah, I have never been to Japan but can roughly get an idea what Japaneses are like. I want to be old and living in Japan!!!!!

My atm was very mad with me last night ‘cos he cannot understand why I wanted to squeeze through the large crowd to take photos. He found the whole thing pretty dumb. Grumbling this and that. But I didn’t care. I left him with two sons so that he can ogle local Ah Lians wearing kimonos prancing around the large field. If he did not enjoy the cucimata opportunity, that is his loss.

All I wanted was to be right under the stage. Not to take photos but more to observe photographers. And I did observe. ALL photographers with dSLR cameras are MEN. Women use lame camera phones. The world is not fair. There is no equality.

And all canggih cameras have extended flash lights, extended lenses, extended lense protection. And since I don’t have extended pocket, I have to forget my dream of owning that dang piece of dSLR.


Another thing I learnt – fat girls have more fun. Cellulite and all. Like her. Like me too.

Too bad there weren’t any sumo wrestlers around. Or else I could share some groin photos.

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nyek – this is PING #4 for the day. I wonder if I can get my own parody site?

7 thoughts on “I want to be Japanese

  1. aiyer.. i din go to bon odori!!! want to go. but bz. nvm. next year go. bwahaha. 😀

    why 4th ping only… ping more ping more!! ping pong piang!

  2. Luckily for me.. MrT haven’t come to a point.. where he gets mad at me.. for taking pictures.. hahaha!! they all indulge me alot.. !!

  3. Lilian, the Japanese men are also quite cute. I know since I always seen them daily.

    On the camera thing, yeah I notice women like small cameras. For me, I have to lug my big camera around since it is inherited. The good thing about a big camera is people think I can take good pictures even though I am just a beginner.

  4. hahaha i didnt realise its ah pohs n ah sums dancing untill u mentioned it in pg faces.then i look closely at my pics n i realised u were right! lol

    some of the photographers managed to get on the stage later on.

  5. Yea yea! I stood there by the stage, with a sissy consumer digicam, surrrounded by all those pros with dSLRs with giant meriam-sized lenses and flashes that could light up the whole stadium.

    I felt so demotivated to take photos.

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