St. Anne and a promise I did not fulfil

Some of my neighbours including my late mother-in-law who are Taoists often flocked to St. Anne’s church in Bukit Mertajam, Penang during the St. Anne’s feast. I do not know what draws them there, year in, year out. I grudgingly had to follow the bf-now-atm to bring his mother there a few times. Jams, high hills, big crowds, no car park, muddy grounds and stuffy place.

That was in the past. Next Sunday morning, at the unearthly hour of 6.45 am, I am going to St. Anne to sing! Mamamia! Hallejujah! I can’t believe this. Not just any songs but Latin songs! I hope our choir group of 50+ people rocks the place.

Anyway, St. Anne’s church in Bukit Mertajam is VERY, VERY famous. People flocked there to ask St. Anne, the mother of Mother Mary which would then, means the grandma of Jesus to pray for them. Say a person is sick or asking for something, they will go tell grandma and grandma will ask the grandson to fulfil their wishes.

Three years ago, out of desperation, I went to St. Anne. Someone asked me to go to St. Anne to place a request for her. She has mental depression, committed suicide a few times and hoping to die. I promised Michelle that I will go and ask St. Anne for help. Frankly, I know that I do not have that strong faith to see any changes but nevertheless, I did manage to travel to BM to do that for her.

Michelle did die, like what she had wanted. And I did play a big role in helping her die a peaceful death, albeit her leaving her 9 yrs old daughter behind. (I will write more about Michelle next time.)

Anyway, the St. Anne’s feast ran for 9-days starting coming Friday, 22 July 2005. My choir group will be singing next Sunday 24th July 2005 morning at 9am. If you are around the area, do drop by to the St. Anne’s church during these 9-days because the whole place is lighted up at night. A very nice place. I take back my words in paragraph one. The church has been refurbished and has Minangkabau style.

As for me, it is like a wish unfufilled. I went to St. Anne to ask for Michelle to recover and that I would be able to bring Michelle and her daughter to St. Anne’s church one day (this year?). But Michelle has died. I guess it is God’s will because Michelle really had a rotten life on earth. Hope she is laughing from up above at me, singing out of tune this Sunday. This one’s for you, Michelle.

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