Ultimate hellish kids show

We were at some Ahbeng-ish supermarket and departmental store. Toddler was engrossed to something on TV. So, my two kids and I went over to see what he was watching. Then, we started snorting and snoggling (no such word in the dictionary) like a bunch of pigs.

My #3 who is the most vocal laughed the loudest and everyone gotta press stomach to avoid stomach cramps. So, there we were. Mother and 2 older sons laughing like mad cows. And we were laughing so hard and did not realised others were watching us in disgust.

It is racist talks from here on. So avoid if you are sensitive.

Four young Chinese girls about 7-9 years old were singing. Made up like tramps. Wearing skimpy two pieces clothings. With fake yellow furs. Loads of costume jewelleries. Those mike that they wear on the head? And gelek and gelek. Squeaking some ickky Mandarin song. Gosh! They are soooooo disgusting. So horrific. So horrendous. So Ah-Lianish. So idiotic.

Can someone please tell me why I am laughing at my own race? I don’t know why. I have never seen Caucasians kids looking so trampish like that. Definitely Indian and Malay little girls don’t do such thing. But it seems to be the trend for Chinese little girls. Just catch any Chinese kindergarten annual concert.

Why oh why must Chinese mothers let their little girls dressed up in provocative clothes like that? Then paint their eyelids blue and their lips like chicken backside?

I hope I can sleep soundly tonight without getting nightmares.

PING #5 (do I get it yet?)

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