I am moving from Moveable Type to WordPress. (thanks to Paul for the help) My sifu (?) said WordPress is for nOObs. Never mind. I’d rather see it as a learning experience. And being so fickle, probably, I will instal a few themes and ‘wear’ a new template each day.

I had been changing php files using html.kit. Copy and paste, pull hair, scratch head, copy and paste, pull hair, scratch butt, copy and paste, trial and errors.

URL will be the same. Right now, it is but when I am finished, my webhost, Paul Tan will change the configuration (or whatever). So, to my thousands and millions of linkers (ahak, perasan lebih), no need to change URL. 5xmom remains the same.

10 thoughts on “PING PING PING

  1. Danny – Is this a good thing? To move?

    kahsoon – Ya…I found that I can ping to so many places mah. Blog of the Day and other sites. So traffic whores like me sure love WP. I am going to see my site on BOTD real soon. Want ang moh business liao. Hahaha.

  2. I know it is senget leh but I dunno which template to adjust. Dun care leh, janji got ads enuff.

  3. Let me know how you make out with wordpress.. i too wanted to try.. but being so bodoh.. with this html thingie.. i donch know if i can or not..??

  4. One thing with wordpress… all have similiar templates… 5xmom, you have to design a template that fits your personalities. Else… šŸ™

  5. Jason – My durian where got same? This is a WP template.

    Mrs T – Once you get used to the files, then it is easy peasy. But I think blogsome is offering free blogs using WP.

    Yvonne – There are sooooo many cool themes. I love red bugs but gotta stick to my durian first. LOL!

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