PPS ‘Hiring’

I am such a thick skin. I SPAM Aiz.

In case you all missed it, PPS is ‘hiring’.

This caught my eyes:

What’s in it for me?

1. The PPS Blog will feature an RSS feed of your main blog on the side bar.
2. A share of the Adsense revenue — all revenue generated by the PPS blog will be divided equally with all PPS bloggers (PPS will also take an equal share) — the blogger who earns the most Adsense revenue will receive a bonus from the revenue. It probably won’t be very much, but its a nice little bit of pocket money, and you’ll also see the knock-on effects for the referral visits to your personal blog = more revenue from any ads posted there.
3. A massive audience for your writing: currently, PPS gets 5k++ unique visitors a day, more than 150k page views and 3 million hits monthly.
4. You’ll be responsible for making PPS a more interesting place to visit!

I can’t resist words like MASSIVE traffic and ADSENSE sharing. I had written in to apply. What about you?

I figure….

If PPS takes me, I will have MASSIVE and ADSENSE.

If PPS rejects me, I still have MASSIVE and ADSENSE jugak.

So, what’s there to lose? Go on, check out the WIKI page and jump on the wagon.