A complete woman only when…

No words can describe my feelings each time I gaze lovingly at my little bundle sleeping ever so soundly. A rush of pride. A pang of intense emotion.


It is amazing that from inside of me, I can grow someone as cute as him. When I put my lips close to his soft cheeks, I know the world is complete. With just him and all my other sons. Including the one that I had once loved but no longer here.

I must say that a woman is not complete until she tasted motherhood. Be it her own flesh and blood or a child picked up lovingly by her to care.

This same child will make you cry and also make you laugh. This sweet innocent guy makes everyone’s heart melt. He will run to the door to greet every one of his brothers when they get home from school. He will make his papa’s tired day at work dissipated the moment he greeted his usual, “oooh…papaaa”.

When he sings and dance, “Shake your booty yea, yea, yea” and shakes his own little bump, no one can be mad with him anymore. No matter what damages he had done. Everyone can’t resist that impish smile.

I can go on writing more about ‘a complete woman’ but have to run now because my little devil is throwing pistachios all over the house! Arrggh…so much for trying to write mushy stuffs.

27 thoughts on “A complete woman only when…

  1. Hey, I am addicted to your blog, exspecially the parenting write up!


    “I must say that a woman is not complete until she tasted motherhood. Be it her own flesh and blood or a child picked up lovingly by her to care.”

    Agree to you, I also never thought that I can be “crazy mommy” like now….even the sleeping baby looks so adorable to me!

  2. JxT – Mushy stuffs don’t make heroes out of you wor. Go strip la, faster.

    Jefferene – Yaya, we moms are crazy. I can spend a long time just looking at sleeping faces. *sigh* We women are so wonderful, ya?

    bubbles – Thank youuuuuu….

  3. hey i can totally relate to this… from the moment the doc prop “bloodied and all” baby on my chest right up to now, it never ceased to amaze me.

  4. Chief – Agree. *Nod head.* Not when he asked me for the 10th time to stand by the fridge freezer so that he can sit on the freezer. LOL!

    babe – But when the chubby cheeks turned into pimply face, it isn’t so fun anymore. Especially when they turn on the volume of Green Day/Eminem’s music. So, I am enjoying while the mushy moments last.

  5. That photo is ONE month old.

    BTW, first time commentors will have their comments moderated. So, Simon, yours was held back.

  6. Halo, Lilian. A family and career oso completes a man le. Fuzzy feeling is not solely for female, u know. I also like to watch my son and daughter, hug them, stroke their head when they’re asleep. Ok, I can’t vouch for other guys but it’s not for mothers only le. Fathers oso can enjoy what you’ve described le.

  7. aaa….but it takes the real mom to still love looking at the baby pic that turns out bad. no baby pic is a bad one for the mom huh, hehehe.

  8. exactly what i feel when i look at my H.
    & u wrote it soo beutifully….thank you

    thank u also for this extra bit…”or a child picked up lovingly by her to care.”….i love you lilian!!!

  9. Awww…. so sweet, i mean cute! 😛
    Good mothers like you surely deserved such moments

  10. that is so cute. i just love babies and toddlers when they sleep also when theyre awake la, but more so when they look so heavenly peaceful.

    its a warm-fuzzy-feel-good-hugsy shot.

  11. U know Lil .. before Amira came along .. I used to be puzzled with such statements. All throughout those 7.5 childless years, I already felt complete and I just couldn’t comprehend when people around me were saying you are not complete unless you have a child. It didn’t really bother me, then, that I was without a child.

    Now, that Amira has entered my life … funnily … i don’t feel complete anymore. It’s a strange feeling. I donno what complete means anymore … coz suddenly, there are so many incertainties in life. The equilibrium has changed and ……. donnolah …*sinking into the state of blurness …* BTW, not feeling complete does not mean I am not happy and grateful for what has happened … I truly am ….

  12. aiyoo……so comel la!!!! 🙂 i love to see babies when they are asleep n then suddenly can smile one. its rumoured that that is when the angels are playing with them – dunno true or not but who cares, so cute!!! 🙂

  13. Yvonne – Yes indeed. I never stop thanking the Big Boss up there. In fact, the name Matthew = Gift of the Lord.

    Yvy – Newborns do that a lot of times. But older ones only get nightmare like ‘give me my toy’. Hahaha

    Gene – Tks

    Sorcy – Tks

    pompit – I think the feelings you describe is more like being worried?

    crazy & PB, Batista – Thank you

    Ummi – Awww..thank you….I do know a few women like you. So, I am very careful with my words. In fact, I believe it takes a bigger heart to be able to do that.

    Mrs B – Yes, we moms are always biased. Haha

  14. Oh.. Lilian.. 🙂
    this is exactly how i feel.. when i wake up in the middle of the nite. .with chloe.. and after some milky……… as i watched her go back to sleep….. i feel exactly the way you do.. 🙂
    We are great moms..!!! and a complete woman..!! thank you .. thank you .. thank you ..!! those are my exact words.. i mean feeling..!

  15. i’ve been reading your blog for about 10 days now. i normally read your newest postings and then go the the earlier pages and work my way through your posts. i must say that Matthew is so mischieviously adorable. i can’t help but want to kiss his cheeks everytime i see you post photos of him (so far i’ve come across photos of Matthew more than your other boys). i’m a new mom and my Jonathan is now four months old, and i understand exactly what you mean by “a complete woman only when she’s a mom”.

    i love reading your jottings. they make me laugh, cry and go, “yeah, yeah, that’s exactly what i think too!”. most of all they make me feel. thank you Lilian.

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