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This is another ‘someone please give me inputs please’ post.

I am shifting webhost for my MyMomsBest parenting site. That template was done something like 3 years ago and it is not using css. I only use the .dwt file and just add on pages. (please don’t laugh, I know it looks ‘old’)

I care about the content and not the layout. It is hard work getting the doctors to contribute all the articles that interest parents, compile the archieve of the tips from mothers and etc. There are 110 pages there. All hard work from many mothers and I.

So, now I am thinking of updating it to a much more manageable format. Of course, it has to look ‘modern’ too.

I heard of CMS from Chee Aun and Bryan. I have been given some links and think I can manage converting the 110 pages from Dreamweaver to whatever new freeware. I want to do it myself so that I can continue updating pages till I am 90 years old.

Questions :
1) Am I right to choose CMS?
2) Any other recommendations beside Mambo?
3) Is it tough to try? For someone like me who have no knowledge except some html.


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  1. The moment I see “CMS” in your post title, I know I can’t resist to post comment here šŸ™‚ Cos I’m a software engineer, and have some development experiences in corporate CMS haha

    Aunty Lilian, if you want your website to be “modern” and “up-to-date”, CMS is a right tool for you. Imagine you can create plenty of user accounts, each with varying level of permissions and roles, to control whether the user should be authorized to post, edit, or view an article. In terms of update/edit, a good CMS is surely featuring “check-in” and “check-out” functions, to avoid document inconsistency (when I edit, no one else should edit the same doc until it was checked-in).

    When you mentioned about “modern”, personally I’m not too particular about cool design (neat and user friendly will do), but the long-term manageability of a site.

    Moreover, usually an established CMS shouldn’t require much HTML knowledge as well. At most, you need to install it in server and get it running. There should be integrated tools enabling you to create documents and article at ease

    In conclusion, as far as my personal opinion goes, I strongly encourage you to consider CMS

  2. hello aunty…u might want to reduce the image width to 400px or something next time…cos your sidebar drop until the end of the page. And…the red color at the side makes my eyes hurt >.

  3. kahsoon – The red colour? It is my ‘foo’ la. Drive away evil spirits. Like Chinese New Year, hang the ‘ang chai’ like that. LOL! I think it is not the photos but my margin. Don’t bother to check yet, as long as got ads. Tks for the input, anyway.

    IC – Hey, thanks for the link. I will check it out.

    Tien Soon – Appreciate your wise advise. Will go hunting around.

    melvin – Ya, I notice that WP has the pages link. Only thing is I haven’t test it out yet. So little time, so many things. Tks for the tips anyway.

  4. I think you better check and ensure the adsense doesn’t overlap your blog. It really bothers me when I can’t see what you’ve blog when the ads is covering the sentences.

  5. well,i have tried Drupal n Mambo before.

    Drupal is too simple, and Mambo is too complicated.haha.

    I think if you get used to it,Mambo will be easy la.

    If you want,i can install them n let you try.coz i got fantastico,so installation easy click only.thats how i got to try both of them.

  6. I’ve used CMSes from XOOPS, PostNuke, PHPNuke, Mambo to whatever name you can think of.

    I’ve even coded my own CMS for a government website ( – that was 6 months of hard labour.

    Anyway, my personal favourite is Postnuke ( Check out my GilaChess website for an example.

    I’ve been playing around with XOOPS ( and find that is quite good too. Example my

    Do not be afraid as you are already an expert in WordPress – heck I’m just learning how to use WP. No problem for you Lilian.

  7. Wau lau..!! i donch know what is CMS or CSS .. i take the easy way out everytime.. šŸ™‚ so i can’t say much. .or recommend much.. all i can say is.. the easiest would be the best.. šŸ™‚

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