Sleeping hours

Ever notice that I can be ‘seen’ lurking around the internet even at 3am-4am in the morning?

Ever wonder if I have some sleep disorder or insomnia?

Maybe, I have some obsessive-compulsive behaviour?

Nay…I did not sleep like normal people because I do not have to wake up like those poor, poor souls who have to go to work from 9am to 5pm.

My toddler only goes to sleep around midnight. And he wakes up at 11am to noon. Hence, I also have to wake up at 11am to noon. He needs me to sleep by his side every morning, you see.

So, my bedtime is usually 3 am to 11 am which is solid 8 hours of sleep. Ok, Cinderella has exceeded the 3 am curfew. It is 4 am now! Yikes, time for bed.

Remember to get your 8 hours of sleep!

6 thoughts on “Sleeping hours

  1. Since i am not a student anymore and still jobless right now….i can still afford to sleep late and wake up late. Better enjoy as much as i can before i start to suffer from insufficient sleep when i got my first job later :).

  2. you mean poor souls like us who have to wake up to be at work by 7am. Even school don’t start that early. Beats the jams though.

  3. You should very well discourage your toddler from sleeping irregularly, and not encourage him! Ok wait.. is there really a toddler?

  4. Yer lucky..! chloe sleeps only till 9.15am .. at the lastest. .if we are lucky.. usually she is up and about by 8am.. and sleeps at midnite.. and wake up in the middle of the nite.. like 4am – 6am. So it has been particularly hard for me and my spouse. i can’t wait till chloe sleeps till 11am in the morning.. that would be PURRFECT..!!

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