Blogathon – Pledge your amount yet?

I am supporting (as a sponsor) for the Blogathon. I had blogged about this so this will just serves as a reminder. Remember that all your money goes straight to the charitable homes. So you can pledge with a peace of mind. For Yvonne, she has selected Eden Handicap Service Center. Let me write a separate thought on that later.

This is an email from Yvonne…..

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Blogathon registration is fully up! There is a slight change of plan. Now, sponsors pledge a lump-sum amount and no more hourly pledges. This saves confusion for the sponsors. Alright.. so how to sign-up?

1. Visit

2. On the left menu bar, click on SIGN UP

3. Under the usernme/password fields, click on the word “register”

4. Fill up the form with your Desired user name, Email address, Name, Password, and Confirm password.

5. Click SUBMIT

6. Login with your chosen username and password

7. Under Active Campaigns, click on YVONNE FOONG

8. Pledge the amount that you wish to donate

9. You’re done!

Simple isn’t it? Now be sure to keep an eye on this blog on August
6th, beginning at 9pm Malaysian time. This will be very exciting
especially for the aspiring writers out there!

Please note that our team is under my name, YVONNE FOONG. There is another person called John in the list but that is NOT John Ling. Our campaign is called ‘ handicap Service Center’.
Rest assured that John is still sticking by to entertain you with his
epic-adventure tale of writing/publishing during the event.

Please ignore this email if you don’t want to donate. Thank You

Yvonne Foong

7 thoughts on “Blogathon – Pledge your amount yet?

  1. oioiwhatboutme??? =p

    im sponsoring her also,now that we no longer have to sponsor per post,i think it will be more convenient.any amount we want.

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