Maybe it is my previous experience learning shorthand when I was 18 years old that makes me so in tune with php and html. If one can decipher those taugehs (beansprouts) that are suppose to make up the consonants and vowels, one can read any language.

Tadaaa, I manage to insert in my blog title and even change the Google Adsense from senget sebelah (stucked to the side) to centre, errr, center. It took me a while to realise that it is center and not centre. *ish*

Anyway, I am very curious how long it takes to learn php? And heck, I don’t even know what php stands for.

I hope I finally get to ping at Blog of the Day. My other blog, Mom’s Daily is PING-ed but not this one. Plugin installed and activated. Wonder why?

6 thoughts on “Centre/center/php

  1. Die! Where is my name? Help, where do I insert the title? Into the header.php or index.php? Damn, my blog is already on BOTD except that the 5xmom name is not there and hence, I did not see it. Double help!!!

  2. PHP is a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Processor

    You know, it goes on and on and on thingy.
    You learn fast… 🙂

  3. aunt lil,

    your footer for the pages, also terpesong ke kiri sedikit lah…
    maybe you can do what you did for your google thingy.

  4. hahaha, RB, you know what? it is empty, no wonder.

    keropok – hahaha, i screwed up the whole thing so much. will do it when i got around to it. so canggih name la? like hyper text (m?) language. hahaha

    andy – tks

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