Ei, can keep title and blog name short or not ha? Why must write so long names?

This is taking galah (bamboo pole) kacau the hornet’s nest kinda post.

Do you all guys notice that lately the blog’s title is getting longer and longer and longer?

Blog title is like 5xmom like that. Short and sweet, no? Easy to remember and if you want to make a voodoo out of it, also save materials. Instead of ‘a blog of a moron guy with no brains who is tricked and dumped by some ahlian’ as blog title.

Then, the posting topic. There are some bloggers who can really come up with catchy topic. One that you just can’t resist clicking if you see it. I can’t think of any at the moment. But mine one is pretty decent, if I say so myself.

But lately, there are bloggers who PING and their whole entries goes three lines long on PPS. Something like ‘What colour of stuff I passed out this morning and what I ate for lunch and going to eat for dinner.’

Please la, keep the blog title short so that we can remember. And the topic to two or three words long instead of a full 20 words sentences. Otherwise, in PPS, we see this long, long, long lines. Very sienz, wei.

Forgot this is PING number what liao?

**added : wakahkah, I forgot to add my blog name in my WP and I am now a blog with no name on PPS!**

19 thoughts on “Ei, can keep title and blog name short or not ha? Why must write so long names?

  1. Like mine… Ninetnine Network… nice what… easy to remember right. Hehehe. Whoa, mom u using WP now huh… Look younger nice maa… Anyway MT not good haa?

  2. now PPS is becoming like a place to put advertisement where people try to advertise thier blog….
    maybe they think writing long titles can gain people’s attention.

    a blog reader
    -* life feel

  3. isn’t pinging pps more or less trying to advertise one’s blog?

    in that case, its really up to the individual; how they plan to make it more exciting, so that people will click on their ping.

    and then there is kahsoon, lah. whole new cetegory there.

  4. Someone just put a harry potter spoiler in Bold la. Dammed pissed. Too many attention seeking ping-monkeys with no respect for other bloggers and blog-readers. Liked it better when it was quieter. 🙁

  5. Paul – certainly not help!!! friends, a guinea pig tricked me LOL what keywords then?

    Maybe I should change to 5xmom – kinky gadgets tech

    Life feel – It done properly, it is impressive. If done wrongly, it looks moronic.

    9T9 – Yeah, very straight to the point. But make sure orang tak silap 9T9 with another 9?

  6. Pfeh! You’re blog name also not that great wut! What if your hubby decides to knock you up another time? What you gonna do now? Change name or neuter hubby? Hehhehh!!!

  7. Joe – Wah, perasan lagi. Wait you see me in real life and see if I am your typical market ah sahm or not la. Open mouth swipe everything?

    BawangMerah – yalar, things are not what it used to be

    RB – No wonder my traffic dropped la, I did not know 5xmom sells. LOL

    buttshack – That’s where I am getting at. LOL

    Rojak – Apa kacau? Your name very unique liao. Each time I see an apek selling rojak, I think of you. LOL

  8. kahsoon – Phew…lucky you missed the above comment. Hahaha. Ok, I am going to add in liao 5xmom yaddayaddasexsellsyaddayadda

    James – I am neutered liao, by order of my ob-gyn. LOL! So, I can safely stick to 5x

  9. YAHLAH…..I DAMN BENGANG ALSO…PUT THE STUPID SPOILER IN BOLD SUMMORE…not say I purposely wanna read her ping but suddenly I scrolled down and saw that stupid title..sheesh.

  10. Mom why ur ping to PPS dont have any blog name… tech prob again haa… My search engine can’t fnd maa… or ada malu ka?

  11. Funny you brought this up…i’m currently contemplating to shorten my blog name to just ‘Din’z Link’.

  12. Din – That’s a nice name. I am sure 8555 will love it.

    9T9 – hahaah, corrected already. I deleted the name in WP options box

    S-Kay – Kadang-kadang must play internet police and sound jugak, right? Otherwise, very teruk la.

  13. My blog name not that long either .. and nice also wat.. !! you donch think so kar..??

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