Is there an ideal time to PING?

Don’t deny it. Everyone of us who blogs and PINGs our blog wants traffic, readers, comments and if possibles, only bouquets and not rotten eggs and tomatoes. Otherwise, why bother to PING or reveal your URL to anyone?

So, is there an ideal time to PING? Yes, siree! In my blog categories, I have these series of posts related to blogging which I call it ‘Blogging Art’. Someone morons had misunderstood and accused me of being the self-appointed internet police. So, to those people, you may f*ck off now.

To the rest,

Let’s take the blogtal of Petaling Street Project as the example. Of course, I PING to many other blogtals and not just PPS. If you want to find out where else you can share your marvellous, wonderful, greatest, most interesting, fantastic yadda yadda blog, read JasonTee’s blog on how to increase traffic. (no, Jason did not recommend stripping)

Ideal time :

1) Early in the morning around 9am but not later than 10 am

Most office workers have the ritual of reading blogs before starting work. *ouch, slippers on my face*

2) Almost lunch time around 1pm up to 2.30 pm

Some office workers eat their lunch in front of their PCs, reading blogs. *rotten eggs flying by*

3) At night around 10 pm

Most people end their day with a round of reading juicy gossips or watch the Sarong Party Girl’s boobs for a good night sleep. *blue black*

4) And finally, for me, around 2-3am in the morning. PING traffic is very low and there are few blogs so many owls are likely to read.

On weekends, PING traffic is also very low. So, competition is less keen. And your blog will be noticed.

If you PING in between those times not mentioned, your PING will likely get pushed to the bottom and you also have to compete with so many other moronic bloggers who use catchy but empty titles. Urrgghh…don’t you just hate people who uses attention seeking titles? Huh? You hate me too?

15 thoughts on “Is there an ideal time to PING?

  1. according to a world famous fengshui sifu, the best time to ping is around 5-7am. why? because that is the “rabbit” hour and it belongs to the “water” element. so, your ping will “flow” into the lake of pps like from a smooth flowing river. hehe šŸ™‚

  2. Oh…hehehe…I do that all the time. But time however…I’m going to add one more rule to the ping. Save posts pings till the right moment.

  3. Patutla no traffic, I tend to ping arond 11 to 12 at night. I could strip, but I’m afraid then tomorrow morning paper headline goes like this, “Reader dies of heart attack after seeing naked picture of blogger” šŸ˜› Instead of becoming famous I jadi infamous pulak

  4. dsaint – now into international PING-ing, so writing kena ada substances, must add some pepper, cabai burong baru ada flavour. LOL

    BawangMerah – Try it and see? ‘Cos I based this on my traffic graphs.

    Edrei – Ya, that one also. But sometimes, I just have to say something and it just shoot off automatically.

    hanyi – I have a lot of water element liao. That’s why my lotus blooming mah.

    JxT – You try and see? If it works, then you can blog.

  5. Really hor, after reading this post, I’m convinced the peak times has changed. The time that you encouraged pple to ping, is now the time to AVOID pinging. Because all your fans will ping ping ping… at that particular time.

    I think i’m going to resort to 4am pinging liao. Only ghost will read hahah!!!oneoneonesatusatusatu

  6. Joe – Dun la perasan lebih. But err yalor, your oso got hor.

    JxT – psstt….USA baru wake up. Good idea. I set my blog to auto-self-publish.

    RB – Me too. I only wake up at 11, so missed the morning surge. Must blog 3 am so that at least by 9am the PING is still there.

  7. Hahaha…Lilian…I too discovered what you discovered =P Maybe coz I used to work before..and I realised that these ppl (I did the same too) like to read before 10 am and after lunch…weekend I don’t post coz malas lah..everyone not home to go online…so for weekends, usually I post during the wee hours in the morning. Hehehe

  8. JxT – got got, MT can do it. Or rather, you put future publishing, set time and date. But I dunno auto publish or not ‘cos I switched off my computer LOL

    S-Kay – when I am free on weekends, I will churn out a lot so that I can balance the traffic. Crazy la, already got sucked into google adsense.

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