Mega sales and Kuala Lumpur

The Mega Sales is starting this Saturday, July 23, 2005 until Sunday, September 04, 2005. Organised by Tourism Malaysia yadda yadda yadda Ikano Power Centre yadda yadda yadda Kuala Lumpur yadda yadda yadda.

Kehkehkeh, not that I care a shite about Mega Sales ‘cos I hate shopping. Too stressful. But I will be in KL. I will be around KLCC area and Friday 22nd July during working hours, I am free! So, anyone?

Oh yes, camera-free. Email me? lilianc78(@)

20 thoughts on “Mega sales and Kuala Lumpur

  1. haiyah…if not coz I have to head off to 1Utama after taking the KTM down to KL to meet Naz…can meet up with you adi

  2. auntie lilian, i will come n meet u at klcc after my class…! heheh….u r so lucky to meet..ops not…shud say i’m so lucky to meet u!! hahaha…ok..see u there..!!

  3. Hi Auntie Lillian,.

    Come and visit ASEAN ELENEX near KLCC, KL Convention Center.

    Boring Electrical and Electronic Exhibition. šŸ™‚

  4. Would like to meet up with you Lilian. But what can we do there? I’m not into shopping and I’m hard-of-hearing.

  5. Yvonne – Oh wow! I can get to meet you? Let’s do it at 4pm at KLCC? Venue – we fix later? My kids are with me so it is pretty much, talk and get to know each other?

    mama22beas – Would 4PM be ok? I pun bawak anak jugak.

    Tj – Alamak, my husband is going to drag me there and bore me to death! Thanks for the tip.

    milly – Looking forward to meet you and Mr Kiasi too. And don’t worry, I don’t lecture la HAHAHA.

    JxT – that one hor is lucky number la, not year of birth la

    S-Kay – awww, miss it

  6. Joe – my atm working mah, so we tumpang lor. Free everything, ponteng one day school oni. You wanna meet?

    dsaint – Awww…so sorry to disappointed you. LOL

  7. hmmm… can also lor since u owed me 5 roti canai !!! U got ur USD100 from adsense wat. Infact! U shld belanja everyone who meet up wif u ma. Must give some motivation to those who meet u up wat.

  8. If you’re 1978 and they call u auntie, then I become an old uncle oredi lor. Don’t be an auntie la. Now u make me feel soooooo old liao. Aiyoooo

  9. Why ofcourse, Lilian. Meet my to-be sponsor! haha.. nah that’s not the reason. Just that you have quite an interesting blog. so i wanna meet the interesting person behind it.

  10. Donch bluff bluff hor.. šŸ˜› no wonder you chose 22nd July..!! now i know the real reason.. hahahahahha!!!
    Well shop abit lah.. at least.. and of course.. gotta makan alot. .and take loads of pictures for me.. ok. šŸ™‚

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