That Rafidah issue?

Heck, the papers are so cruel. Yesterday night when I was having dinner, so many aunties and uncles flashed the vernacular times at my face. One after another.

Spoil my dinner only. I want to eat mah, why show me a crying Rafidah? Oi, I don’t read Mandarin la. I thought she lost an earring or something.

So, this morning while waiting for my menopausal Dell who refused to start, I read.

I don’t care about what AP and what UMNO, what ex-PM hoohaa. All I know is that lady has been one hell of a great person. When I was working, the Ministry of International Trade is one of the most proactive, systematic and efficient Ministry of all. In fact, I had written many letters to Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz (hope the title is right la) to appeal for many things like protection of the local manufacturers, exemption from taxes and stuffs like that. (We were involved in power and telecommunication cables manufacturing.) The Ministry’s staffs are also the most well-trained and their English is superb.

So, I think all those who accused her of things are just plain jealous and cannot wait to take over her seat. I think there is not going to be any women politicians who can be as capable as her. She had stood tall amongst the international big guns. Who can miss that red lipstick?

And btw, she grooms herself well. Never mind that she doesn’t have the sultry looks of the other two more prominent women politicians with thick lips. She had done a marvellous job as far as I can see. So give her break. The AP issues is not just her fault, I am sure. Bumi mana tak ditimpa hujan?

*ish, no wonder, I have one political blog owner writing to me to ask me to help him promote his blog . I am very politickle, no?*

12 thoughts on “That Rafidah issue?

  1. Since this is catagorised under ‘bitching’, i’ll bitch a lil oso lah. All i saw on tv yesterday was that, pphhhwaaaah, that diamond ring, soooooooo big, can choke a horse to death, mannn, lol

  2. What I can say is, no big deal for this time lah. Everytime I also see her cry in front of the TV wan, Dr M wanted to resign, she cries. It is normal for me.

  3. While I appreciate her good work, I never really believe politicians when they cry. Okay, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, but what is she crying about? That people say she’s rude to Tun M? Or people questioning her on the distribution of APs? Or that plp asking her to resign?

  4. You know what I think? Like you, I too think people are using this issue to force her down her seat because they cannot tahan a capable woman leader sitting at quite an important seat for such a long period of time. Now seriously, she’s one amazing woman. I’ve read articles on her and even an interview bout how she treats her employees. She’s GREAT. Even my friend loves her (she’s my friend’s relative)

    I think she just couldn’t control her tears. I mean, she’s a woman after all. Imagine if you’ve done so much hard work for the country and suddenly everyone just step on you. I would cry too but not because I’m sad but because I’m disappointed that these ppl had to be like that. Having said so, I have to admit that I was SHOCKED to see her breakdown. I expected her to be more strong and firm but not shed tears.

  5. S-Kay – Yalor, once she got squeezed out, mana ada pompuan that is so vocal and so sharp tongue?

    Chief – Flavour of the week oni.

    sexymama – She is a woman, so she cries. I respect Tun Dr M too ‘cos he is a man, and he cries. I think it is like feel being betrayed? Tough job, you know? So many people cannot wait to oust her.

    kiasi – yalor, no big deal about it. just make a blog topic to ping oni

    kasba – politics… that is to be expected

    samm – yalor, all her jewelleries very matching one

  6. U remember this UiTM professor who got fired from his job, charge in court, lost his Datukship, all for cheating the university’s money? Well, I’ve seen him cry before in a meeting when he felt that the members of the association were not appreciative of what he did. I didn’t believe in his tears then. And I was right when I thought that he was not as honest as he claimed to be.

    Rafidah’s doing a good job though. So let her cry-lah. With all the stress, a good cry usually helps.

  7. I almost puke when I saw the news, change the channel ASAP to avoid nightmare.

    It is disgusting
    i. When the fugly Ah-Ku shed the horse-pees (Lau-Ma-Niu in cantonese)
    ii. When the media publish it in on the paper and on the paper

    The tears can’t even fools a 3 years old, worst still, it might give all Ah Pek a stroke. Oooi, where is all lenglui, SYT?

    In Hong Kong or Taiwan, the media will the this
    “Fei Sahm Lau Ma Niu” (Ah Sahm Fi fake tears)
    “Shen Ban dai mai san, Fei Sahm mou deng zau” (New politikus emerging, Ah Sahm Fi is dated)

  8. I read about this article too.. via Minishorts blog comment… and i was quite appalled lah.. to be honest.. seeing the politician cry and all.
    And then i was thinking.. !! wa lau..! no standard leh..!! no need to cry.. gotta show stone face..and fight la.. for heaven sake..!! why cry.. and boo hoo hoo in front of the media..????
    But then who am i to say anything lah.. after kenna sue.. like my chicken shit neighbour who threaten to do that.. to me.. hahahahhaha!! so i better shuddup now..;)

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