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Let me tell you guys about Yvonne who is going to participate in the Blogathon. She is very young. And she has cancer. Yet she exudes this very positive personality on her blog. That’s what drawn me to her. This is what she said on her website:

I am a living example of NF2. I have been undergoing surgeries every year since I was first diagnosed. Not only did it bring me a lot of pain, it also introduced me new perspectives about life. It gave me opportunities to see the world and meet people from different cultures. For all the negativity that I have to go through because of NF, I do not wish it will be the same for others. Hence, I dedicate my website to the awareness of NF, in hope that more people will know about it.


Neurofibromatosis(NF) is an illness of the nervous system. It causes benign tumors to grow in our body all our lives. There is currently no known cure for NF.

So, let’s participate in the Blogathon by pledging an amount of money to the Eden Handicap Service Centre. (Eden)

This Eden has NOTHING to do with Eden the restaurant. The centre is in Penang and I often see the ever smiling and ever friendly folks from Eden around Penang. Some of them are born without limbs, some blind and most of them in wheelchairs. They are such happy people because they have a close knit group and I suppose the centre has taken good care of them.

Many of them earn a living selling trinkets/lotteries/handicrafts and sweets. The other day, there was this guy. He has no limbs as in no legs and no hands. He sat in a wheelchair with another girl in Midland One-Stop. Usually, I would just walk past because…..errr…they are always there. But somehow, this guy look at me and I broke into a smile. (probably at the back of my mind, I know I had told Yvonne I will donate a meagre RM1 per 30 mins!) And his face lighted up! He isn’t able to sell anything due to his special conditions. Moreover, he is NOT begging. So, I don’t know what I can do other than give him a genuine smile.

So, if you ask me, Eden Handicap Service Centre is a great place where you can pledge your money to. If I am not mistaken, this home is not religious based.

Do it, please? Pledge? Of course, there are other bloggers participating and other charitable causes too. But I am rah-rah-ing for Yvonne and going to do the same for realitybites.

I am meeting Yvonne this Friday! Wanna come? Details in another blog. PING!

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