I buy another domain


Laddddieeeesssss….and gentlemen, firemen and policemen

Let me introduce you to my webhosting company plus it’s very efficient staff. On your left, is Paul Tan. On your right, is his evil twin brother. See? Same face or not?

So, if you want to buy a domain or webhosting, you better take it from him or Paul ask his evil twin brother to send some body odor seeking missile your way.

Anyway, I really bought a new domain today from Paul. It takes just minutes of MSN. I shall reveal my new domain name when I get back from Kuala Lumpur next week. I am going to KL for a secret meeting with Paul’s twin. Want to see how to conquer the world and get 5xmom at http://chanlilian.net to be on everyone’s computer.

So remember hor? Paul is da man.

(This is just a private joke with JasonTee of Buangmasa and Wingz of Rojaks. There are many other great webhost companies out there. )

10 thoughts on “I buy another domain

  1. Wah. Lilian. You are more keng than me in all these web stuffs weh. OMG. One day I must ask you to print a manual for me if I ever get my own domain. IF I EVER lah that is. LOL.

  2. Wow..!! can’t wait to see what your other domain is about.. šŸ™‚ Very the tok-kong you ..!!! salut, salut..!!

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