It is worth blogging when….

I had been touched with many of the responses from people who share the same passion in blogging as me. There are many instances when I know deep in my heart that I am doing something right when I heard those fuzzy-wuzzy words left in my comment box.

Recently, a photo I picked up from my computer caused me to write a mushy post about being a mother. When I write something like this, I try to keep in my mind the thoughts of many people.

One of them is those mothers who had an only child but whom had died. So, when I say :

Including the one that I had once loved but no longer here.

I hope these moms know that I do remember their heartaches.

Then, I say :

Be it her own flesh and blood or a child picked up lovingly by her to care

I thought of the moms who are not able to have children and had adopted a child/children.

I feel it is only right that I try not to cause too many heartaches when I am proudly proclaiming how blessed I am. I have to arrange my words properly.

So, when I found this comment left in my comment box:

# ummi Says:
July 19th, 2005 at 7:01 pm e

exactly what i feel when i look at my H.
& u wrote it soo beutifully….thank you

thank u also for this extra bit…”or a child picked up lovingly by her to care.”….i love you lilian!!!

I am terribly touched. Ummi adopts her daughter.

Then, pompit left another comment. Pompit wasn’t able to conceive until many years later. Her pregnancy is a miracle to me.

And then…..this guy who looks very hamsap to me, always surrounded by lengluis quoted what I blogged. It is fuzzy to see a father openly declaring his love for the kids. Best examples are Mr. B, James and Papi, Chief and others.

You can see his son, also sleeping so soundly. Of course, I must warn you that Wilwolf is not your regular dose of HAHAHAAHA, proper language blog. I don’t know why Wilwolf reminds me of Rojaks. Two crazy, grown men with family who blogs hamsap stuffs and yet, very much a family man in real life. I must say the blogsphere has grown much broader.

Back to my title….
It is worth blogging when….
what you said touch someone’s heart with kindness.

11 thoughts on “It is worth blogging when….

  1. how many times u pinged pps today? hahaha =p

    too bad your toddler dosent know how to write yet (and i cant speak baby language) ,or i could have had a decent convo with him in msn just now! =p

  2. LOL, RB – I was cooking at the back and my other son told me he is MSN-ing. LOL. I must ping many many times baru ada parody site mah.

    Paul – You WILL be a dad one day. Unless you decide to turn to the other side. With Hanyi, buangmasa and rojak chasing you like dat. Hahaha. Well, die or not, cannot help it leh. My dad also died when I was 7 only.

  3. Aiyah. Must balance mah. No matter how hamsup we are, family oso important mah. And, yeah, my blog is not even a 18SX rating. It should be rated 28SX. Hahaha

  4. Yes, it’s great feeling watching the kids growing up.

    I remember when my eldest girl was 4, she slept in her own room. One night there was loud thunder and lightning so I went in to check on her. While I was tucking the blanket over her, she opened her eyes, looked at me gratefully, and went back to sleep. Next day she related to me exactly what I did for her with such a sweet and grateful tone. But as she grew up she has changed. She no longer respond sweetly to us. When asked, she would respond in monotone or mumbles. I wondered where that sweetness went.

    Now she’s away at university and doesn’t call home for weeks. But we understand, she’s grown up. She’ll come around when she becomes a parent someday. We only know that she knows we care a lot. She probably doesn’t know how to respond apropriately. She probably inherited that trait from me. I couldn’t communicate properly with my dad when I was her age either.

  5. & u did it again….u make me cry….AGAIN!…how can i not love u Lilian?

    BTW….did i not tell u that u not only touch my heart w/ yr stories of yr sons but u also touched my stomach w/ yr recipes…
    after reading yr entry on u getting drunk…which leads to the recipe on spaghetti w/ baby clam…i immediately went home & made meself spaghetti watchamacallit (sori..i’m bad at remembering funny name menu)
    my H love it so much….i’ve been making it evry other week.

    p.s. its 5pm when i saw yr entry on u coming over to KL. i’m 20minutes away from KLCC…but w/ traffic & having to hunt for parking spots..etc…etc… i don’t think i’d make it b4 6pm. its ok though…i can feel your vibes all the way from KLCC here (setapak)

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