See you at KLCC, Friday!

**Okie, venue confirmed.**

I am going to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow and will be meeting a few bloggers I know. So, if you are around the vicinity, pop by and say hi?

Friday 22nd July

Time : 4pm till my atm come to fetch us around 6pm?mebbe

Venue : Oasis food court, Suria KLCC

I will be offline from noon onwards so if there is anything, please check Mr. Kiasi’s blog? He has my handphone and I will keep in touch with him on the venue if there is changes.

17 thoughts on “See you at KLCC, Friday!

  1. Whoosh. You know what? I think I will pop by and say hi =)
    Would prolly be in my gym clothes and all coz after that I need to grab a train back to another part of KL to meet up with Naz.

    Why a change of mind? Usually my area damn susah wanna get a cab later in the evening and I’m too lazy to drive so might as well head down town early (sure got cab) and meet up with you then cabut to meet Naz. Can kill two birds with one stone. Muaharharhar!

  2. I want to come..!! someone send me an airticket please..!!
    Update .. update with loads of picture hor..!!

  3. MrsT, hahah…auntie lilian aredi camera-free ler…!! hwo to upload picture ler?? hahahahah

    auntie lilian, since kiasi ask me to update ur blog everyday to improve my english..!! so i have to read it…!! n then shud prepare a dictionary for me…!! hahhahahahha….

  4. Have fun! Would love to join the fun but unfortunately I’m working, some more later got 3 workout classes to teach:(

  5. next time, come down to singapura lah…

    you know you got fans who read your blog here?

  6. Lillian leng lui, I was there in KLCC at 4 o’clock at the food court šŸ™ I didn’t see you also šŸ™

  7. EF – Yakah? We were such a loud group wor. Just at the escalator entrance. Maybe I look too ‘siao’ chasing my toddler?

    miche – I love Melaka and had not been there for a long time. Waiting for my buah keluak someone owe me. The next time I go, I shout for you ok?

    cutegirl – OK, next time I give advance notice.

    Yuen Li – Yeah, I changed to WordPress from Moveable Type.

    keropok – *blush*

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