Away from blog and see what I missed?

Just away for a one day and see what I missed from the blog scene…

Rojaks blogged a true account of Kenny ” Kenny Sia Gonna Stop Blogging ??!!! He told Me that in IRC! [Part I]”

Xiaxue’s site got hacked.

The ringgit peg removed. Boooohoooo…my Google Adsense income is going to plummet!!! Unless, unless the ringgit become RM5 or better still, RM10. Dun care ler, country’s economy mati nvm, janji my pocket full enuff liao.

PPS group bloggers finalists announced. Congrats to all. *going off to a corner to eat sour grapes* LOL!

and we have a new blogtal or what I call a blog directory. Check out PaulTan’s test site BlogsMalaysia and sign up to test it out. I heard Paul will send his evil twin’s brother to your doorstep if you dare PING too often! So, don’t anyone dare PING 9 posts within 9 seconds, ok?

I hope I did not miss any other berita hangat?

13 thoughts on “Away from blog and see what I missed?

  1. JxT – You must be a cat in your previous life. A mama cat maybe?

    milly – I type very fast one ler. In fact, I think and type almost at the same speed. Cannot help it ‘cos it was my ‘ricebowl’ last time. I secretary mah. Boss say things, my fingers terus type-type liao.

  2. Wingz – You are turning gay. Yes you are. First, you ask Simon to plug you. Then, you are wh*ring for Kenny. (Google doesn’t like the spelling nia) Now, you are getting on JxT doggie. Oh ya, that day you are worshipping Paul. Wingz, don’t say I didn’t warn you hor? Go wash your face with some cold water and read some chanting books?

    JxT – I got an idea! Pet blog! Go la, sign up another blog. LOL!

  3. Hehe… Aunty, nice meeting you the other day. though cant talk much with u.

    thanks for introducing PaulTan’s site… me realy miss the new leh, hehe pai seh :p

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