‘Twas a dark and rainy nite when…

the tyre went psssssssshhhh…..flat!

Do you know that it is almost impossible to change the tyre for a 7-seater car manually? Or at least that is what my atm told me. Even trying to unscrew the compartment holding the spare tyre is hard enough. (because all the screws were previously tighten with electric screwdriver)

So what to do when you are in the middle of the Malaysia North-South highway with 4 kids and at dusk with a punctured tyre?


First, we tried pumping some air with our small pump,
next, we drove to the nearest petrol station for more air and some directions.

The people told us to go the nearest town in some foresaken place called Bandar Baharu between Parit Buntar and Sungai Bakap. God, the place is really ulu, the road very bumpy and dark.

Our idea was if we drive fast enough, we will get to the tyre shop before they closed. The air will also escape less. So, we were chanting, quick, quick, quick while imagining the tyre went psssshhhh….

But try to tell it to the rural area drivers who drive like they are on a Sunday morning leisure ride. That’s when the inspiration part came in. Kids started to say out loud, “Our Father in Heaven, please make sure we get to a tyre shop soon.” ‘Cos none of us want to be stranded in the middle of paddy fields on a pitch black night.

I added in some incentives too. How cunning of me! I said out loud, “If we get to change our tyre soon, we can even make it to St. Anne Church.” (which is along the old trunk road that we were travelling)

And our prayers were answered. Praise the Lord! We found one smallish car mechanic shop in a little pekan. It was closed but the owner was hanging around. Phew….. He used his jack and electric screw-driver and changed the punctured tyre with our spare one. He only charged us RM5.

Next, we went off looking for a tyre shop to mend the puncture. We did not want to risk getting another flat tyre. So, we passed by Sungai Bakap, Nibong Tebal and don’t know how many small towns. Michelin, Sime Tyres, Dunlop, tayar celup, every shop also closed. Until we found one shop also on the verge of closing.

It is so easy to mend a punctured tyre. Just like thread and needle job. The guy pushed in some rubber thingy and that’s it. Another RM5.


We did get to St. Anne. Though unplanned but as promised. We reached home almost 12 midnight and this morning, I overslept! Thank God I promised to fetch my neighbour to church with me. She was ringing the doorbell whilst I made a 5-minute, bath, change and rush job. So, I was back to St. Anne again this morning, twice in less than 12-hours.

*I had been flat out sleeping since 2pm today. Those who MSN me, I wasn’t around but my kid switched on my computer.*

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  1. oki oki tayar sulah lapat tukar.. orang pun semuanya silamat.. sikalang mana itu gambar foto taken in klcc? i wan see

  2. milly – i lazy to resize la. I used up 512MB of my SD card. LOL! So you can imagine how many hundred photos I took. Wait I got time I do it?

    cutegirl – Solilah, lu tarak mai, tak dapat tengok how hensem Mr Kiasi is. Other than that, you missed out so many lengluis.

    Pok Ku – Thank you!

    RB – Yalor, all the small towns, tutup kedai so early. Want to pengsan liao if have to put up somewhere.

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