Remembering Bruce Lee

Yikes! Bruce Lee would have been 65 years! He is terribly old! So am I.

I remember doing a homemade nunchaku from sugar canes when I was a kid. Yeah, I was a tomboy back then. I also remembered punching banana tree trunks in place of sandbags. *sigh* I did have a great childhood, didn’t I? Anybody wanna try out if my punches still break trunks?

Whenever any Bruce Lee shows came to my little kampung in Bayan Lepas, the whole village would go and watch. Back then, we would stand up, cheer and clap.

I did not remember much about Bruce Lee shows except the few scenes:

1) He dug the grave of his master in a heavy rain;

2) His heng-tais ditched him and left rotten rice for him

3) The ‘white powder/drug’ hidden in ice blocks

But I do remember the charistmatic Sek-Kin. Fuwah, with the bushy eyebrows and Shanghai clothes, he is (is he dead yet?) one helluva bad guy. Oh ya, no to mention that short, fat guy who played the traitor.

Now, if anyone dare torture me to watch re-runs of Bruce Lee shows with his signature ‘eeyore, eeyore, growling’, I will probably make a punching bag out of him. (hehehehe, hope atm hear this)

This news from BBC UK opened the flood gates of old cinemas and its 40 cents movie ticket (which comes free with bed bugs).

Kung-fu film star Bruce Lee is to be remembered in Hong Kong with a statue to mark his 65th birthday.

The bronze statue, to be unveiled in November, will honour Lee as “Chinese film’s bright star of the century”.

How much do you remember about Bruce Lee?

9 thoughts on “Remembering Bruce Lee

  1. erm..bruce lee…

    i remember when i small i dunnoe hwo to pronounce the BRUCE… u noe what i pronounce?? BROWSER Lee.. hahahah….

    now when i think back..i wan to laugh!!! eheheh

  2. lelong lelong, bruce lee dvd box set, who wan? hehehe… i got all dvds and some posters. muahhaha, poster will be up in my new house later. cant wait. 😛

  3. lilian – stop saying u old la. u make me feel lagi old. aiyah.

    dSaint – how much u selling your DVD box set? Here selling pDVD for RM8 per piece le. LOL

  4. bruce wan DA MAN. The greatest overseas chinese ever lived.

    “Yew ta, thong ngor ta….”

    (“Wanna fight? Fight with ME…”)

  5. Simon – lei ler, ngor thong lei ta… LOL

    kiasi – You go and see then, do movie review?

    willwolf – OK, OK, from now on, we all gang up and chant, we are young.

    dsaint – That senduk face and that action like Jocelyn said , scratching the nose is comical now instead of macho leh

    Yvonne – You are a fan? Oh wow. He is quite the Robin Hood, I would say. Last time, in my old kampung cinema, we will cheer when he won over the bad guys.

    milly – LOL, Browser Lee Hahahaah

    Jocelyn – Good, you remember so well!

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