That women’s monthly curse?

Ewwwss….imagine walking around with a cupful of tomato sauce made from non-washable colourings in between your legs….Fancy spilling the whole content right on the boss’s white pants and white golf shoes while doing a presentation? Or right in the middle of a first date, the cup runneth over and there goes the brightest red spot on your virginal white skirt?

Ewwwssss…..puhleez, I had the been having the period aka aunty flo aka haid aka monthly bleeding aka menstruation for as long as I can ermmm…have the O? LOL!

What’s the big deal about it? I should thank God and kiss the ground that at least I can bleed and hence procreate lots of God’s marvellous little creatures.

My ob-gyn (that’s a doktor sakit puan in case you don’t know) had told me in his most manly voice, “Lilian ah, trust me la, you don’t need more kids. You know, women like you usually are not able to get pregnant. You already have three, enough la.”

My reply, “But Dr. Ng, I want to have a baby born in the year of the dragon.”

Dr. Ng, “You don’t have your period that often, so it is harder for you to get pregnant. You should be thankful that you do not have regular periods. Save you a lot of hassles and money (buying pads), don’t you think.”

Anyway, with or without regular 28-days cycle, I proved Dr. Ng wrong. I went on to have 2 more kids. Nyek…

So, back to para one. I think it is pukey to dig out a full cup of uwek, blood!, pour them into the toilet bowl, faint! and wash the cup and stuff it back, shivers. Give me good ‘ole tampons and pads anytime.

It doesn’t matter that I have to pack some whenever I travel and only to have my bored toddler tearing them apart while he was browsing through the luggage. Or get the young kids insisting you to explain what are those cotton wools you are carrying around? Or have the older kids throwing them aside while searching for the contact lense solution.

Hmm…then again, what do I care? My time is running out. Woohoo! Looking forward to menopause. Saves me a LOT of money.

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  1. *Sigh* Women and their hormonal ups and downs! Some we need to stay away and some we can’t keep them away.* Menopause? thats another chapter of long story. At the meantime, be mean and keep the country’s economy padded (no pun intended, serious!) šŸ™‚

  2. Well, I can only imagine that this post is in response to the menstrual cup.

    I think it’s pukey to fill landfills with blood covered non-biodegradeable sanitary products.

    I think it’s pukey to stick an un-clean, bleached, cotton wad up my private parts where the cotton bits will float off into my vagina, soak up all my natural fluids and give me cramps as well as feel torn up pulling it out.

    I think it’s pukey wearing paper/plastic pads that give me heat rash as well has dry me out.

    I think it’s pukey having to throw away blood covered paper/plastic products by wrapping them up and having them sit in the bin in my house for hours, possibly days, before I empty the trash.

    For the record, no digging is required as you push the cup out just like you push out babies. Using tampons requires much more “digging around”, not to mention how unhealthy is peeing and pooing on the string, which then travels all the way up deep into your vagina.

    Your blood is not gross. ALL your babies (as well as you) lived in it for 9 months. What do you do, shut your eyes when you pull out the tampon and change your pad? Tampons and pads are gross.

    Personally I don’t think you should criticize something you didn’t try, as well as giving impressionable people who read your blog the idea that there’s something “dirty” or “gross” about period blood or using the cup.

    Furthermore the cup does not just “fall out of your vagina and splatter everywhere” covering your boss’ white pants. Perhaps you also think you can spread AIDS by breathing? You’re just being melodramatic and idiotic.

    Using the cup is more responsible and CLEANER than using tampons and pads. Your children will suffer from the fact you think it’s ok to use non-biodegradeable BLEACHED and toxic pads and tampons. Meanwhile, I have a clear conscience about my waste practices.

    I don’t mean to say everyone should use cups. Just that if you’re not going to use it and have never used it, don’t discourage other people from trying.

  3. Excuse me? Did I make any references? No, my dear. This is just another one of my daily rantings, ok? I got wild imaginations so I let loose my imaginations. If I want to criticise, I would have say this to my parenting group where I have 800 members, 90% all potential users. Moreover, I can also blog about it in my Mom’s Daily parenting blog. Then, I would have gotten my message across to at least 800 unique visitors per day. Loosen up, ok?

    You know why I did not delete this comment like I usually do to things I don’t like to see? So that people out there can see how business minded you are – using PPS to sell products. And going around calling people idiotic and melodramtic. Wooo…I wonder what you will call your potential customers if they dare make a complaint against you.

  4. Chief – hahaha, don’t remind me. They are everywhere…..arggh…. Then, again, there is HRT.

    mahagurusia – We have one example up there? LOL. Frankly, it is good excuse to blame it on the hormones.

    Jason – Menopause or not, it is how we perceive life.

  5. I wonder why some people just have to make a big fuss about what other people want to express. Come on, if you don’t like to read this, you can always read other posts by 5xMom.

    As Lilian said, loosen up!

    Not everything in life has to be taken that seriously.

    Good to know something which my wife might find interesting…

  6. Hahaahahaaaa…. aiaayyooooohhh… you had laughing like crazeee…. haaaa… don’t know what to say lah, except that I thank god that I was born a man… heheheheeeeeee.

  7. Lilian dear,

    I am not making a profit on these products.

    You had not heard of this alternative to pads and tampons before, neither had I until I stumbled accross it on a message board. I’m using PPS to spread the news about the product to more people. If you think it’s business minded, even Aizuddin was ok with including this blog on PPS.

    I don’t need to make this kind of tiny money, I am part of a very well off family business and have comfortable savings from my old jobs.

    I got into a distributor arrangement to get these into malaysia so that more women here can have the choice to use this fantastic product, instead of paying $ every month for toxic products. I am even distributing these at less than cost to women in poor / needy communities.

    So if I blog about AIDS, making fun of it by mis-representing that you can catch it even by breathing the same air as someone with AIDS or touching them, will you think that’s funny too? Can I then tell you to loosen up about your attitude towards AIDS users?

  8. lilian’s right. there’s no reference whatsoever. no assumption necessary. and to each her own.

    at least lilian didn’t go around commenting everywhere about how horrid the mooncup is, THAT IS , assuming that lilian was talking about the mooncup.

  9. minishorts – awww….you are so tweet….

    I got very confused why AIDS suddenly got into the discussion. And what is AIDS users? Never mind, women are famous for not being coherent.

    Lrong – Yeah, once upon a time, I wish I am male too.

    egghead – Why you call yourself egghead and not Darth? Luke’s daddy should be Darth mah. Anyway…if your wife tried it out, do tell us ladies how it is. For RM110, it is rather worthwhile, save from going to the supermarket every month.

  10. Using AIDS sufferers as a parallel. (i.e. you’re making fun of the cup by describing it as something that falls out at whim and splatters everyone with blood, which is untrue – like it is untrue that AIDS can be transmitted through the air.)

    It’s not a very good comparison, but the first that came to mind.

    Lilian, if you really want to try one, I will post one to you at no cost if you promise to review it (good or bad, provided you let me give you advice on using it) after a couple of months.

  11. I can’t believe this!!! Over pads/tampons/mooncups also can argue (not Lilian, I meant MistressM)

    Whatever it is, it’s Lilian’s preference to not use the cup and she didn’t go like “You girls out there should not use cups because I found it gross”

    Your AIDS example was totally irrelevant. If you were to blog about it by misrepresenting the true fact then of course no one would find it funny because it is so not true. But what Lilian mentioned about the gross-ness of using a cup is true on her side because she’s saying that she finds it gross to use a cup. It’s not a lie. She found did indeed found it gross.

    Btw, the only difference between you and Lilian in this subject matter is that, you’re going around telling people that using mooncups are better than using toxic products (pads & tampons) but Lilian did not go around telling ppl not to use mooncups. Oh, and I don’t see myself and my sisters suffer from any side effects from my mother who have been using pads for almost 30 years now.

    The reason why you prefer cups is because you’re allergic to all those TOXIC products and the reason why Lilian does not want to use mooncups is because she finds it gross and inconvenient to use them. So is it fair that you can complain about how inhygienic those TOXIC products but Lilian can’t?

    Go do some workout or something and loosen up. Over this also you can get so sensitive.

  12. But seriously, I would wanna try one..where can one buy it? I hardly see them in the pharmacies near my place. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it =)

    Lighten up ok =)

  13. S-Kay,

    The AIDS parallel was about the blood splattering everywhere and falling out on your boss’ pants, not about how lilian thinks its gross to use a cup. And she has “found” no such thing, as she’s never used one.

    You wouldn’t recognise side effects, as you’ve always used them, every woman is different. I’m not allergic to the pads, just find them severely uncomfortable. I prefer the cup because it is more convenient, I am not producing any landfill waste any month and it is much cheaper.

    The cup is not unhygenic in and of itself. Pads and tampons are. Nobody thought DDT or many other “safe” ingredients were toxic either for a long time.

    And I don’t see why we shouldn’t argue over pads/tampons/cups/sponges/whatever. We use these products every month for almost our entire lives. They are a huge part of our lives.

    Yes, I’m sensitive about everyone creating lots of waste and polluting our environment. So will you be when your kids don’t have access to clean land, water and air. But by then it will be too late and you’ll be too busy blaming everybody else.

    For the record, I’m also sensitive about people drinking sharks fin soup.

  14. well mistressM every lady can and should choose what she would want to use every month. Everyone has the right to his/her own opinion n decision..
    Well mistress M take it easy lets not start a war on this matter….

  15. S-Kay, you can buy them from the uk manufacturer for around M$130, or you can buy them from me for $110. They’re not available in any Malaysian brick and mortar shops (yet).

    Kiasi, I don’t really know what point you’re trying to make. Actually I’m trying to find out what the orang asli women use, but so far the only people I know who have contact with orang asli are men. Still shy to ask!

  16. Aduh, and I thought this was gonna be a simple funny blog. And what do you know, pussy cats hissing and showing fangs! What cup are we talking about here? The cups that I know are drinking ones and those with alphabetical marking, A to DD cups šŸ™‚

    Lighten up ladies (& gents). *Showing world peace signage.

  17. mahagursia – Hahaha, I am giving free promotion to MM. There is no fight here.

    Alex – Hey, thanks.

    Kiasi – What you are trying to say is – the most environmental friendly thing to do is to not use anything at all. And also everyone no need to wear clothes but grab some banana leaves and coconut shells and pakai as baju? Right?

    pb – Echoing you, there’s a cup?

    S-Kay – It is worth exploring, isn’t it?

    And thanks MM – I don’t need one ‘cos I don’t have regular periods.

  18. Wah. I tot i will read this much later since it’s about female’s cycle. So active wan ah? What a bloody mess. HAHAHAHA

  19. U are welcome Lilian… I’m new to this blog i follow your blog daily cos it is very informative and funny at times..
    Lilian keep up the good work…

  20. Cup or no cup doesnt really matter la. Nonid to argue like that what. Just use what u are comfortable with; be it your body or conscience I once asked one of my air-stewardess friend to buy 1 back for me fm sg when she comes back to ipoh since i cant find it here. (Oh, well, u cant find much of anything if u live here) But not the mooncup, it’s the diva cup, Wah, ppl, now what? Something new? Duh?? Nah.. just a similar product with a different brand name. Neway, she forgot, and i din get to try it out.

    I was also doing some calculations on my part then. Since i’m already forking out 30 over bucks for organic tampons, (Yess, there are such things as organic tampons, pads, nappies; in fact, there are organic versions of almost everything on earth) i thought, why not give it a try. Cost bout Rm150 or so, cant remember lah.

    Now, one must remember that this cup is supposed to be washed and reinserted. Hence, no more going into landfills and bio/non bio-degradability is no longer an issue. Let’s just assume this scenario; you are out shopping/halfway through a RM5mil presentation/whatever you may be doing; it’s full, on the verge of spilling all over your bosses pants/golf shoes, what do u do?

    1) Run to toilet.

    2) Unplug. Dump tomato-sauce into toilet-bowl. Wash. Reinsert. Hit the resume-life-as-usual button.

    Easy, right.

    Ahh, but you must also not forget that hygiene is of utmost importance and must be addressed with caution too. Unless you lug around your own filtered water, ( Well, i’m sure ppl who cares for the environment would do this, right..) I, for one, will definitely not use toilet-water to wash that thing and reinsert it in me. Eww, think of all the e-coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, etc; that you’d be inviting into your errr, system. These are just a few of the most deadly water-borned pathogens on earth which would find their new home warm and cosy, start multipying and comatose you within 24hrs. And its also unthinkable of to sell/distribute these to the poor/needy women/communities when most of them dont even have decent access to clean water. Forget about filtered water.

    So, IMHO:

    1) Those who want to save money in the long run, have access to clean & filtered water, dont mind cleaning out tomato-sauce laden containers every 4 hrs or so, allergic to every pad, tampon you’re currently using, try it out.

    2) Those who do not wish to perform any of the above, have no access to clean/filtered water, allergic to silicone, even medical grade ones, forget bout it.

    3) Those who wants a good/bad honest-to-god review of the cup, i’ll do a good deed today (girl guide’s honour) and be the lab-rat. So, anyone footing the bill…….????

    Just my 2cents.

  21. Lilian : Yeah

    I heard from my grandmother that orang asli(s) sometimes uses only cloth as their sanitary napkins. They wash it everytime it’s fully soaked.

  22. Lilian, can be quite useful if you have irregular periods as it is very light and small to carry around vs. pads and tampons.

    Samm – the Divacup is a different shape from the Mooncup / Keeper, which seems to make a difference for some women. Wrt Organic tampons, they are not ideal either as they also leave “fluff” behind, but better than bleached ones.

    In my experience, you can feel when the cup is full. It doesn’t “spill” all over the place when full, might spot a little, but definitely enough time to go to the bathroom.

    No-one should use toilet water for anything. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria from the ‘poo. Using the spray water next to some toilets is good enough, but other women just wipe it with toilet paper or pee on it (not me personally – but pee is sterile). Yes, other women do carry a small bottle of water to wash it first. You only really need to wash it properly once a day and sterilize once a cycle. The biggest users of cups are women who go camping, not exactly having lots of filtered water.

    Very few people shower in filtered water either.

    I also use cloth sanitary napkins. They’re very comfortable.

    And yeah, Lilian you are giving mooncups free promotion! So thanks!

  23. It seems inadvertantly or not Lilian has just given MistressM a very good forum to promote the mooncup, even if this was not the initial attention. I saw the blog when it first came up and was quite intrigued with it though I’m not a user of course. Yeah it’s good for people to have a choice in using period control products as they are able to exercise their wish to use whatever contraceptive method they wish. Hehe think the issue is overblown, yeah Lilian didn’t mention any specifics but anyone reading MistressM’s blog will instinctively know that mooncups are involved. But Lilian is being her own self, she didn’t say anything to discredit the product and the wisecrack about red spots appearing on white skirts is just that a humorous reference. Ladies applaud for both of you;)

  24. Pee sterile? Can use pee to wash then insert into vagina again? Only needa wash it properly once a day?

    Errr… I’ll skip this mooncup thing, ‘cos I’m darn scared of any sort of vaginal or cervical infections. Tampons and pads seem like much safer choices to me.


  25. Well, I am no doctor, but I’ve read in quite a few places that pee is sterile – so long as you do not have a urinary tract infection – which is not caused by pee itself, but by foreign bacteria.

    personally, I don’t do the “pee on the mooncup” thing – mainly because I have access to water and also because although i think pee is sterile, it is acidic.

    YP – you’re suffering from the common misconception that Tampons and pads are “clean” or “sterile”. They are not. in fact, they are made of ingredients that require pesticides to be grown, also they are made of synthetic fibres like rayon and then bleached. Disposable tampons and pads upset your natural vaginal environment, thus encouraging vaginal / cervical infections. Especially tampons.

    Even if you don’t ever use a menstrual cup, you should certainly stop using tampons right now.

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