What does referral stats say about you?

Do you notice that some blogs have those links where there is a list of people who referred to their sites? Damn, I hate those.

Because sometimes, I see my name up there with something like 20 visits per day. Shite, I never visit a particular blog yet it shows that I go there 20 times per day, 600 times per month and 8,000 times per year.

I was actually peeking into some people’s onestat and found that I had frequented Hustler Diaries 3 times a day for my fix. Hahaha, I do love Hustler Diairies but I certainly DID NOT go there 3 times a day.

Then, I decided to check out Dr. Liew’s blog and found that I sometimes ‘visit’ 10 times a day. Yikes, why would I want to go there 10 times a day when I have his URL on my bookmark and get the latest feed whenever he updates?

I guess I only have myself to blame because I so love to link people’s URLs on my blog. And everyone use my site as a take-off point.

Anyway, please don’t misunderstand. By all means, do make use of the links from my site to launch yourself to another site. It is an honour to me.

But those feeds with referral URLs? They take time to download and used up space only la. Better utilise the space for Google Adsense, I would say.

10 thoughts on “What does referral stats say about you?

  1. Yalor, Fashionasia. So, I see, fuwah, I never come, yet the stat shows 10 times. Nanti some people perasan or think I stalk them leh. hahaha

    Lifefeel – Ya, my habit. It helps in some way.

  2. Depends on how you view it. For me, I have took down my netstat and onestat counter, therefore I have no reports on my daily traffic or referal sites. So, the referal stats does help in some ways though. Hehe~! Sometimes, you get to see new blogs too! šŸ˜‰

  3. The more I put hor, the more my templates will go haywire lah. So, I also dare not attach too many things on my sidebar.

  4. I agree with Jason, get to see new blog URLs.
    Er, btw hor, I think U linked me twice…one after Lyneee, another after Kenny Sia. Pai seh nya.

  5. Eh…the Link re-sort again…er, anyway, I see my URL twice la.
    I got not enough $ to pay for additional ‘space’ šŸ˜›

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