I hate diamonds!

*3.30am and I just finished undressing the Liulian. Gotta sleep so if anyone find something funny here, it is ‘Work in Progress’. And if anyone find that I had broken Google’s TOS, please tell me. I am too sleepy to tweak anymore codes. Gee, I love WP.*

Don’t give me cold carbon that glitters. I actually had to count those dang diamonds last time. Can you imagine counting diamonds by the hundreds during each monthly stock count? You think it is nice? It was my pathetic job when I was 18 yrs old. If I should sneeze, it will fly away and I gotta pay for them from my miserable RM180/MONTH salary.

Not only that, I had to count the carats. I had to see that each label fits the packaging. And they are blardy small like 0.18 carat x 20. So I have to check that each piece of ring has 20 tiny diamonds. Try imagine counting 20 diamonds each for a batch of 200 pieces of rings? At the end of the day, all I see are glitters but they aren’t mine.

Now when I think back, I am glad I hate jewelleries. Because my atm can’t afford Tiffany anyway. Moreover, who has the time to wear necklaces, earrings, rings and anklets (ewwws).

I am lucky that all those exposure to expensive jewelleries did not influence me to work hard to hook a man rich enough to feed me diamonds. Otherwise, I got to go b00bs job and stuffs like that.

But hey, I broaden my ‘language’ you know? ‘Cos working with labourers who peppered their sentences with Hokkien and Cantonese 4-letter words certainly made me a tough gal. Come to think of it, all my KNNMCB were polished there.

*sniff, sniff* I found the website of the company where I got my first job. I must write more next time. Like how a 5 KG 99% pure gold ingot disappear in thin air. Or how I won the Miss Personality runner-up. Fwheet…Memories…

20 thoughts on “I hate diamonds!

  1. Your ATM cannot afford Tiffany? That expensive meh? Then how come I see some of my college mates get Tiffany from their college-going boyfriends? How is that possible?

  2. and my friends look at me weird when i say i dont like jewelleries much.

    when i balik kampung, some of the makciks would be talking about their husband buying them gold bracelets, and then would whisper, why their daughters’/neices’ husband havent bought their wives matching necklaces yet lah. its a sort of a ‘must’ for them. and i would say to them, its not a necessity, not is not a time of darurat, where gold is of value (or something like that), got banks to keep money and stuff (as my nenek used to tell me, emas tu boleh jadi financial backup).

    and *theyd* look at me weird and was sort of shocked that i didnt like gold and glitters.

    and i wonder what would happen when comes my time, and i dont want any(thing much :p).

  3. wah….lilian, your page like some new hair-style hor? ;)) very the nice. i like the background. so…artistic-y. hehehe!! must venture into WP too.

  4. just drop in to say haloo.

    next time don sneeze, suck in hard and see whether one piece can go inside your nose or not.

  5. Stones like diamond is merely way for people with too much money to show off their wealthiness, nothing more. Diamond is actually worthless. The main reason it is so expensive because peopel willing to buy it, for the reason to show off(because no many people can buy it). E.g. when everyone POKAI, you can still buy something useless.

    Paul Tan : And about Tiffany jewels, actually Tiffany has different franchise. The expensive one is from Tiffany & Co. And guess who is the real owner of Tiffany & Co? If you want to earn some profit from Tiffany & Co, the best way is to buy one of two share of Berkshire Hathaway, which control Tiffany & Co.

  6. Wow Lil!! That ring up there SURE caught my eye!! Became dumbfounded for a while, LOL!!

    I’m not big on jewelery either, but I must have a set of earrings, rings, anklet, bracelet, necklace & pendant which I will wear everyday and not remove, unless if really have to. I’m the type of person that just needs that one complete set and I’ll wear them for the longest time!! More like, complimenting one’s appearance rather than collect, collect and collect, only to be left in the jewelery box! For what?? Wasting lui only, hor? (Of course, Blabs is being a sore loser because that’s ALL she and hubadubs can afford!!) *smiles*

  7. agree with moo-t coz after you purchased them, the price dropped faster than you pooh-pooh. same goes with white gold.

    it’s like what we learn in the economic class where when demand exceeds supply, price will go up. am i making sense here? no wonder i failed my economics 😉

  8. me… i’m not fond of any type of jewelry at all. even right now i’m not wearing a ring/ear rings/necklace/gelang tangan/whatever. rimas, lah.

    but diamonds *are* pretty to look at…

  9. Hey lilian! Nice template…saw it somewhere but forgot the name. Anyway i think you are starting to become too obsessed with ads liao…try not to flood too much ads. 1 ads get higher CTR and earning than 3 ads u know? And 1 ads will have all the high pay keyword in that ads instead of showing low priced ones.

  10. Kah Soon – I am deleting as you are writing this. Everytime I use new template, I dunno where to paste the codes mah, so I just tembak and see where it appears lor. Deleted liao. Want to insert skyscrapper but it doesn’t show on my sidebar, dunno why.

  11. Aiyoyo Lilian, Your new heading banner hor looks like a male, female doing a mating dance ler. You trying to maintain your matchmaking blog kah?

    BTW, I don’t mind not having diamonds but I wouldn’t mind having them either. Only… if I had them, I’d be scared stiff to wear them (in case it attracts some robber’s attention) and if I did not wear them, wear would I store them? So troublesome lah… no need lah. Let your personality shine through. It’ll surely outshine any diamonds or pearls mah!

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