What? My banner suggestive?

mumsgather Says:
July 26th, 2005 at 2:58 pm e

Aiyoyo Lilian, Your new heading banner hor looks like a male, female doing a mating dance ler. You trying to maintain your matchmaking blog kah?

MG left the above comment in response to my new WP theme. Hmmm…actually I selected this theme because I want something red in colour and this template is much easier to handle.

Now that she mentioned it, it does look suggestive, no? Considering that sexymum and James had said that I often use phallic symbols, I think it must be true.


BTW, some lessons. The above flower is call anthurium. It looks like a sendok with a stem sticking out. This flower is not to be placed at Guan Yin altar, ok folks? Because of the male symbolism. Don’t ever buy this flower to the temple or you may get kicked by Guan Yin for being humsup.

And temporarily, the durian season is over until I learn how to make my own WordPress theme.

So, remember that male and female doing mating dance banner? The blog with everything. Hmm..good tag line?

13 thoughts on “What? My banner suggestive?

  1. If anybody can see a ‘mating dance’in the banner, I have to say that guy is really immaginative or is dirty minded šŸ˜‰ Yeah that what the Ink blot test says about me but I didn’t see any dance going on.

  2. When I was kid, I called this flower No-Manners Flower cos it looks like it’s sticking its tongue out people lor like bleahhhhhhh šŸ˜›

    Funny thing is, I first noticed this flower when my mom brought me to the temple. It wasn’t on the altar but in the garden. So many of them somore!!! LOL

  3. MG – Yeah, you read my mind best! There are so many floral theme but the minute I see this, I know it is going to get people wondering. So, the prize go to MG!

    simmie – Hehehe, that’s a cute name for the flower.

    milly – It comes prepared, no need to work on it. TQ.

    Celestine – Thanks!

    James – Dare not claim humsup title. Not up to that level yet, no?

    RB – Neeehhhh…the other flower leh?

    cynical – TQ. Tongue? Heh.

    boo – Hahaha, your imagination is even greater!

    Adam – Actually, it must be my reputation!

    Orion – Most of them do know my mind. Hahaha.

    Kiasi – No lah, ini anthurium, bunga senduk, bukan hisbicus, bunga raya. How to pass Pendidikan Moral likedat?

    Joe – 8leongkam is sExecited over everything, not surprise.

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