Why pay when there are free ones? (Part 2/2)

Question : Why pay when we can get free sites?

a) Just for kicks because it only costs less than RM200 per year. Forgo buying one dress or shoe and you have the site for ONE whole year.

b) Having a dot com or dot net is much more prestigious, don’t you agree?

c) You have the flexibility and freedom to toy around with what you want to do. More facilities are available for you.

d) You are ensured of security of your own website instead of depending on the erratic free services.

e) You are not bombarded with ads.

f) Some free provider force you to put their Google Adsense on YOUR blog.

g) You have to think big and far. Be confident that domain you have is going to make a tiny ripple in this wide, wide, world (WWW?). So, let it be a nice name that sticks to people’s mind.

h) Next time, you can give your grandkids and great grandkids your URL instead of sitting there on the rocking chair, trying to remember with your white hair/ bald head when you popped your cherry and to whom or how many girls you have had. Cool, right? No need to repeat, “When I was your age/young/etc……’

i) Because every Ah Soh, Ah Sahm, Ah Pek also own one. So how can you don’t own one also?

j) You can blackmail service staffs and other people with – You know ah, I got webshite one you know…..I ‘cheong’ (badmouth) your hotel/restaurant/service only you know leh. (I had done it twice and it works!)

k) You can reply all those annoying forwarded mails that your moronic friends forwarded to you with ‘READ MY BLOG, YOU MORONS!’ Yeah you may lose a friend but you probably gain 30-50 readers who are in the c.c. email address. Good deal, no? 1:50

l) Lastly, because you can afford it and deserve it.

And 5xmom said so, that’s why. Hahaha. Convince yet?

10 thoughts on “Why pay when there are free ones? (Part 2/2)

  1. Haha.. I like your point e) above. Oxymoron.

    e) You are not bombarded with ads.
    But you put in so many ads on your own website.

    ok ok. i know. you need adsense etc to support this website…. hehe…

  2. RB – I tak tau leh. Whatever comes with my theme, I sapu. Now that you mentioned it, I baru realise. How ah?

    Keropokman – Ya, I am obssessed with Google Adsense ‘cos it goes kaching, kaching. So blinded by $$$ now.

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