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Why it took me so long to write? Because I have nothing to write? On the contrary. I do not know where to begin.

I started writing a few times but no words can describe the meet I had with the bloggers in KLCC last Friday. I had met bloggers before. I had met plenty of my breastfeeding moms whom I known online too.

But I had this slight pressure meeting with a couple of teenagers who skipped a class in college and travelled all the way to meet me. Then, I have Yvonne who also go out of her way to come to KLCC. Gosh, what do they expect me to turn up as? What are their expectations of me? That I am the mother figure? Yikes, I am a horrible example!

You see, with the breastfeeding moms, I am their peer. But when with these young people, they would expect me to ‘behave’? Hahaha.

Somehow, my schedule screwed up. I took my kids from PNB Darby Park near KLCC to Midvalley at 11am. They went bowling. We ate lunch at Piccolo Mondo, went to Toys ‘R’ Us and then, they got stuck at Jusco playland.

I was supposed to return to Darby Park, take a bath, put on some pwetty clothes, make up, bring my tau sar pneah and a few books to give out. But I couldn’t tear 4 kid away from MV and hence, ended up at KLCC, sans make-up and tau sar pneah but with plenty of raw nerves and smoke coming out of my head and ears.

My head was fuming after spending five gruelling, wanna-strangle- the-kids hours and being charged RM20 bucks for a taxi that played P. Ramlee songs and refuse to turn on the air-cond colder. By the time we got to KLCC, eldest kid wanted to go to Kinokuniya for his Linkin’ Park book, #3 wanted to go to park and toddler had got lost TWICE that day. (once at the bowling alley, the other time at Toys R Us)

*Take deep breath* I found Mr. Kiasi, Milly and Loc Kee all beaming. Before I can sit down, toddler is on the verge of getting lost the third time. *take deep breath*

Oh ya, before that I almost pengsan because Oasis had changed name to Signature and my two older sons were making fun of blur me. They have better sense of direction than me and led me round and round while harping that I got the WRONG mall. That I should be in MV instead of KLCC.

Yvonne phoned me. And that bounced me back on earth. Hey, do you all know that she can’t hear? So, she has this nice guy, Yi Liang who listen, then write what I said to Yvonne and then, Yvonne talked to me, then Yi Liang write and so on.

And yet, Yvonne appear, so happy, all made-up with pwetty clothes. I wanted to wear pink too!

So, Yvonne and I each hugged. Hey, I don’t go around hugging everyone, you know? But only those who are used to these sort of greetings.

Then, we were about to settle down and toddler started acting up. I had to buy McD to occupy him. S-Kay came, all pretty and fresh from her gym. And mama22beas and amirasheen and her mama came too.


The kids are bugging me left, right and centre. Moreover, they had been out for so many hours (very tired) and in between telling them to shaddap, remembering not to utter any Hokkien four-letter words and smiling at Mr Kiasi, Milly, Lockee, Yi Liang, Yvonne, S-Kay, mama22beas and amirasheen plus 1+2 family, we try to catch up.

So here it is, the photo. Only those who do not mind showing their faces are here:

The rest, let me describe:
Mr Kiasi – very matured for a Form Five top student cum blogger. Lengchai too.

Lockee – Very helpful, friendly and our photographer

mama22beas and amirasheen’s mom – My breastfeeding group buddies.

After too much whinning, I had to relucantly say farewell. Damn, now I can’t even remember what Mr. Kiasi looks like!

I felt bad not having enough peace to settle down and talk. But one thing is for sure – it is very nice to know bloggers in real life. I hope to meet again, maybe in August.

Go to Mr. Kiasi’s blog for more proper detail because my mind was too jumbled to remember. I was actually helping mama22beas to keep an eye on bea2 ‘cos she was also toddling all over the foodcourt like my toddler. Milly who got rewarded with a kiss from toddler (who kissed Yvonne too but rejected S-Kay wor?) also wrote about the meet.

Phew….did I missed out anything? I lazy to add links, Mr. Kiasi has the links to all the bloggers.

16 thoughts on “Bloggers meet – KLCC

  1. Yeah, finally yours up. seemd like i am the very least people who are ‘Malas’ to blog lo :p hehe

    among all, you have got the detailest posting. i can;t think of anything you missed out. and ya, you were pretty busy that day.
    nvm we wil chat again next time.

  2. need to shout loud loud rite? You’ve seen me so many times since F2 already =P Heeheehee…gosh..I look so pale in there…Lilian, your cam tak cukup red color light ke? =P

  3. hahaha which is why i hardly organise any gatherings wid kid in tow… no peace and always ended up hubby entertaining my frens

  4. Haha… good, forget my look liao.

    Hope to meet in future? In August? Coming to Kolompor again? Argh… We (Our family) are planning to go up to Penang in this August holiday.

    Joe : You were at there too? How come no see you wan? You are the hairy hairy Arabian izzit?

  5. Kiasi – Nvm, then we organise Penang meet also. I think Joe is that Ah Kua sitting by the corner, nay….wear pink karer one? Hair blonde and tie a bandana at the neck? Correct or not Joe?

    babe – Yeah, I get so distracted.

    minishorts – Thanks!

    S-Kay – Dunno leh. But I set the pic to low reso la. You want the original? It is 2MB per photo!

    narrowband – Wah…you peminat issit?

    melvin – Oi? Doc said any male who say another male lengchai is …..(find out doc’s own blog)

    fishtail – Yeah, I can see that. Luxury cruise.

    Lockee – Don’t say like that la. hahaha. BTW, it is only the few of us and already no time to catch up with everyone liao hor?

  6. JoE!!!! Are you serious or wut? Who knows, maybe you go liao then see see then beh shiok and never come and intro to us leh? Like that Ah suk suk who phoned me the night before said he scared of camera wor. Like celeb like that.

  7. You can send me the photos at (mail noted) that is my hubby account šŸ™‚ Nice to meet you and i didnt miss this opportunity to meet other blogger too.

  8. Hmmm… I think I got the hint who tat lou Ah Suk u r talking abt. I was working that time ler. Tat Ah Kua u saw is definately not me. May be Wingz.

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